3 Secrets You Must Know About Picking a Cheap Bankruptcy Lawyer

Shopping on price isn’t just preferred–it is the way we live. Using coupons, looking for sales, and choosing between two items strictly based on price is not uncommon. However, your financial future and your choice of toothpaste are not the same. Here are 3 points you need to think about before hiring the cheapest bankruptcy attorney you can find.

– You will get the exact quality of service for which you paid. If the price is too low to believe, the service will likely be the same. Sure, it sounds like it won’t be that bad at first but I know, after 16 years of experience, that it will be that bad. You’ll want your questions answered, your anxieties quelled, and your important deadlines and documents done right. Some obstacles and hurdles may be a surprise. If you have to worry about every move your attorney makes, then you aren’t doing yourself a service in hiring one.

– The advertised price might not be what you actually pay. I’m sure you’ve seen it before – a retailer advertises an unbelievably low price. Then, when you get to the store to take advantage of the low price, you find several other hidden fees. At the end of the day, your final price ends up being more than you ever imagined–and more than the other attorney would’ve charged you had you just stuck with him or her. A lawyer can tell you that bankruptcy filing start at a great price but the fine print might say something entirely different. You see, attorney’s fees are regulated by the bankruptcy court and, since most cases take about the same amount of work, most attorneys charge around the same price. Only hire an attorney who is straightforward with you about how much your specific cast will cost.

– You put yourself, your family, and your future at risk. If you are filing bankruptcy, you are probably hoping for protection from foreclosure, credit card debt help, and relief from creditors but, most of all, you are hoping for a fresh start. If you hire an attorney who isn’t willing to do all the work, he or she may not help you make the most of your fresh start or reach it in the first place.

The toughest decision you should be making is whether bankruptcy is right for you. If you hire the wrong attorney, the entire process could be a nightmare. Do everything you can to follow through with your debt relief.

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