3 Ways to Put an End to Negativity

In this limiting society that we live in today, it is very easy to become negative and hopeless and in fact many of us are. It is every man for himself and instead of working together to achieve the goal of prosperity, we are all competing for it as if it were a precious limited supply like gold or diamonds.

It is not surprising then, that a poor country like Nigeria actually is the happiest nation on earth. They have far less than the more developed countries yet they are much happier. Is it because they have less to compete for? Is it because they find happiness not in material possessions, but in simply being alive and together as one on the same terms with hardly any classes and divisions to separate them? The answer is yes it is.

If we want to start attracting abundance into our lives then we have to start being more positive and stop competing with each other. Here are three tips that i think could help you become more positive when you are feeling negative.

1. Call loving memories to mind
Love is our greatest weapon against Negativity. People working in offices often keep photos of their loved ones on their desks so that they can turn to them during particularly stressful times; the feelings of love they inspire nullify the emotional strain they are under. Mental pictures can also have the same effect. Any time that you are feeling particularly negative about something it is useful to have clear mental pictures at your disposal that when called upon, infuse you with love and cancel out the negativity. If you are arguing with your girlfriend/boyfriend about something, you could recall the time when you first met and all the feelings of love and joy that accompanied it. You can do this with any situation. Try it.

2. Be grateful
To see the value in life and be grateful for what it brings is a beautiful way to instill positive feelings in your mind. Use gratitude until it becomes a way of life and you will learn to see the good in everything. This will go a long way towards attracting abundance into your life. Even thank the inanimate things that make your life easier like your tools and gadgets, your car, even your house and workplace. Appreciation brings great feelings, it will keep you more aware and lessen your unreasonable impulses to replace your possessions with more expensive, newer ones. Gratitude is more able to draw power from the universe than any other feeling.

3. Make every response a positive one
Even when your immediate reaction is negative, it is helpful to control yourself and respond in a positive way. If you come home from work to find that your dog has had an accident on your new sofa, you will probably feel angry. Laugh anyway. Make yourself laugh and, as amazing as it may seem, you will soon find that the laughter will become heartfelt. Positive thoughts will follow and you will soon feel much happier.

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