4 Easy Tricks to Have an Eco-Friendly Coffee Break

We do a lot of detrimental things to the environment. I went to the office coffee maker this morning and thought about the Styrofoam cup and the plastic stirrer I used and couldn’t help but feel guilty. Of course, it’s easy to justify it to yourself “my little cup isn’t going to melt the polar ice caps”, but then again…

So I came across this good article about how to green your office coffee break. I’m adding a few of the tips below.

  1. Don’t Use Styrofoam Cups: Need I say more?
  2. Sugar BEFORE the Coffee: Pour the sugar in the cup before you pour the coffee. This will help you get rid of the little plastic stirrers. The heat from the coffee will dissolve the coffee and cream without a need to stir it. You can also just use a regular metal spoon and get ditch the plastic altogether.
  3. Show and Tell: Rather than gossiping, why not talk about some of these tips? Encourage people to use the coffee mugs that are probably already sitting in the cabinet, show how pouring cream and sugar before the coffee saves coffee stirrers, or just swap stories. It’s a good way to build rapport and look smart at the same time.
  4. Get Good Coffee Beans: Support sustainable coffee growers. There are lots of great websites that list coffee producers that sell sustainable coffee. Yes, it may be a few bucks more expensive, but again, it makes you look sophisticated and in the know.

It’s easy to take the small things in our lives for granted. Instead of being apathetic, just try making a few changes, even if it means just changing how you drink coffee.

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