4 Most Dangerous Mistakes Men Make With Women – Ignoring This Can Be a Huge Mistake For You

Men and women were created to be different, anatomically and psychologically. This difference is often taken as a problem to complain about, because it is what encourages conflict in thought and manner, but looking at the big picture, this purpose is actually a means for men and women to complement one another. A guy who is minimalistic, and a girl with a flare for loud colorful things, can bring balance in one another’s life.

In the world of dating, men have built unrealistic views of the female psyche in their heads. As a result, they end up making mistakes that potentially ruin their chances so early in the process. Here are the four most common mistakes men make with women.

Date someone on the side. Fidelity is one of the factors a woman looks for in a man. Just like a man can’t stand rejection, women can’t stand a cheating partner. Even if a man and a woman are casually dating, other women on the side will definitely give her an idea that she isn’t the only one, and she isn’t special, so why go along?

Forget important dates. Guys were given a lot of positive traits, but if there’s something they weren’t blessed with, it’s the ability to remember very important dates, especially those that have something to do with birthdays, anniversaries, and dates.

Women are, by nature, emotional, and by emotional, we mean sentimental. They like to celebrate beginnings, because it’s a way for them to know that a man takes notice of special days, and that it means something to him too.

Not say sorry, or mean it. When a guy steps on another guy’s toes, all he says is one sorry, and then they don’t make a fuss about it. However, when a guy forgets a date, a girl isn’t going to forget it that easily. She will make a hissy fit over it until a guy has done something spectacular to make up for his fault.

Be callous and insensitive. Women are created with emotions overflowing, and it is what makes them endearing. Guys were meant to be pragmatic and let things be the way they are. You can’t ask a woman to get rid of her feelings, but as a guy, you can definitely try to get in her world.

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