5 Dos and 5 Don’ts for Your 1st Wedding Anniversary

For the average husband, gift-giving occasions are always fraught with stress – there are a million things that he could do wrong. If there is one thing that still gives him butterflies in the pit of his stomach, it has got to be that sabre-toothed monster called ‘gifts and romance’. He is trying, really, but to him it seems that he always just makes it just by the skin of his teeth. Hit and miss, at best.

And for those of you who are about to celebrate your landmark 1st wedding anniversary, then you had better make sure you get it right – and get it right the first time. This is one super special day and one which a new wife looks forward to with delicious anticipation. Your excitement is, of course, considerably dulled by the raging confusion in your mind. Roses and diamonds? Cards and chocolates? A weekend getaway? You can’t quite make up your mind. No day is so fraught with risks as this one! After all, your romantic abilities are under the scanner.

Well, if you find yourself careening helplessly between bewildering options, allow yourself to be guided by these 5 simple (but life-saving) basic dos and don’ts when it comes to successfully celebrating your 1st wedding anniversary.


1. Romance, romance and more romance. Women have a miraculous in-built sponge that simply soaks in all the romance they can squeeze out of a relationship. With room left for more. And, this is one day when you need to pull out all your imaginative ideas from the mothballs. Be as romantic as possible and make her feel really special. Let her day start and end on a romantic note. That means anything from taking over her morning chores and cooking breakfast for her to whisking her off for a whole day of fun and pleasure.

2. Three is not company today. This is a special time for the two of you and so make it as intimate and memorable for her as possible. Whether you choose to spend the day at home or go out hiking, it has to be exclusive ‘couple’ time for both of you. Arrange for grandparents or a babysitter to look after the kids (if any) for just this one day and make your spouse feel more than just a mom and a harried homemaker. Recall your dating years and the crazy fun you have had.

3. The pen is mightier than the sword today. Don’t underestimate the power of the written word. Put your love for her in black and white (or any colour ink you choose). A love letter is charmingly old-fashioned and very refreshing for the very same reason. In the age of emails and instant messaging, this is still the number one way to tell her how much you love her – and why. Promise to love and cherish her always. It will make a wonderful keepsake for later years.

4. Do something different. How about revisiting all the romantic haunts of your dating years? Make this a day of magical memories for her, a day to be remembered with nostalgia even in your twilight ears. Did you meet in another city? Try and go there and linger at special spots, take photographs and surrender yourselves to the enchantment of the moment.

5. Last but definitely not the least, make sure you get her a really special gift. Personalised jewellery, classy and lush bath and spa products, custom-made poems and photo montages are just some of the anniversary pressies you could go for. The key words here are ‘exclusive’ and ‘romantic’. Oh, and do pay special attention to how the gift is packaged. Nothing detracts from the value of a gift so much as shoddy wrapping.


If you want to avoid being sent to the dog-house, steer clear of these anniversary bloopers:

1. Don’t forget the date! No rocket science to decipher this one. Probably men just aren’t wired to remember such red-letter days as birthdays and anniversaries, but if you have said your ‘I dos’ you had better make sure that you don’t forget your anniversary or her birthday. Do whatever it takes to not stare at her blankly when she starts dropping hints a week in advance. Keep this day free of appointments and work deadlines and take a day off from work if you have to. Set a reminder on the mobile phone, mark the date in your diary or ask a friend to remind you of it. Half the battle is won when you haven’t forgotten, particularly when she is expecting you to!

2. Don’t grab the first likely present you lay your eyes on. Spend time over choosing a really nice and thoughtful gift for her. She is probably spending hours getting one for you as well. Nothing can be worse than a cheap and tacky present (other than forgetting the date of course). This is not the day for bargain hunting or looking for a freebie offer. She is special and deserves nothing less than the best.

3. Don’t spoil her mood by being boorish – either a day before the anniversary, or on the actual day itself. Sulks and hurt sentiments do not augur well for a day as significant as this one. And even if an argument has taken place, eat humble pie just for maintaining peace on this day.

4. Don’t leave last-minute details to, well, the last minute. Planning a dinner at a swanky restaurant? Don’t make reservations at the last minute even if you are on chummy terms with the head waiter. He may report sick that day. Important events need advance planning to avoid being at the receiving end of a nasty surprise.

5. Don’t spend long hours on the phone or at your laptop even if you have taken the day off from work. Nothing infuriates a woman more than smiling with gritted teeth in a restaurant even as her companion is glued to his mobile phone. Catch up with your buddies at the pub the next evening. The day and evening is exclusively for her.

Get it right and it’s another high. So, relax and have a happy first wedding anniversary!

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