5 Signs He Wants to Pursue a Committed Relationship With You

Need to know whether he’s serious, or you’re just wasting your time? Here are 5 signs he wants to pursue a committed relationship with you that can help decide what your next step should be…

Sign #1: He is happy to volunteer information about himself to you.

A man keen to pursue a committed relationship with you is happy to tell you all about himself. He won’t hide things from you – especially when you ask. He won’t kick up a fuss and accuse you of being controlling when you casually ask him who he’s meeting, where he’s going, what he’s doing, etc. He feels happy that you take an interest in his life, and is eager to share even more of it with you.

Sign #2: He looks at you tenderly when he says “I love you”.

A man who feels strongly about you and desires to marry you can’t keep his eyes off you. He desperately wants you to know how much he loves you… which will exude from his eyes. He gives you his full attention when he says “I love you” – so you never have to wonder if he’s telling the truth or not. Another good sign that indicates he’s serious is if he declares his love before you do. Use your female intuition to tell whether he’s sincere. If you don’t feel convinced, listen to your intuition and proceed with caution.

Sign #3: He has very little interest in other women.

When a man truly loves you, it doesn’t matter how attractive other women are… he will only be interested in spending time with you. You will know how keen he is in pursuing a committed relationship with you because he keeps making up reasons to spend more time with you. If you notice that he’s been spending so much time with you (for more than six months) that he can’t be dating anyone else, it’s a strong signal that having a long-term relationship with you has crossed his mind.

Sign #4: He specifically tells you that he wants to pursue a committed relationship with you.

If he suggests the two of you be an exclusive couple, and talks about what exclusivity means to him, he clearly wants to pursue a committed relationship with you. If he doesn’t bring it up, it means he hasn’t made up his mind about you yet. In this case, you can either choose to be patient and wait, or move on. Don’t be the one to bring up the matter. When you start seeing other guys, he will naturally bring up the topic if he’s mad about you.

Sign #5: He brings you to meet the people he loves and respects – and they’ve heard about you before.

If a man talks about you to the people he loves and respects, it means he can’t stop thinking about you. When he can’t stop thinking about you, he will eventually realize whether he hates the idea of you seeing other men or not. If he wants to pursue a committed relationship with you, he will act quickly and ask you to be his girlfriend or wife. A guy who’s serious about you won’t keep you guessing about his intentions. You’re too precious for him to lose.

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