7 Steps to Cultivate Your Creativity

Being creative can be harder than you think! But it’s a skill that you can easily learn with a bit of practice and a few simple steps.

Boost your creativity with some of the following exercises and see how many new ideas you can cultivate in no time.

1. Be a beginner. Go straight to the basics in something you have never done before. Waterski, crochet or write a poem for the first time and take all the first steps beginners do and ask all the same questions. Then turn around and wonder about your own project and assess it as if seeing it for the first time.

2. Make lists. In order to come up with the best ideas, you have to come up with a lot of ideas. So choose one aspect of your custom logo products and come up with as many variations as you can for that one part – the wilder the better. Some of your ideas will be silly, but maybe there is also your next great concept hidden in the midst.

3. Embrace the accidents. Many great discoveries came about through sheer accident. Learn from every scenario, even if it isn’t what you hoped for, and be open to the possibility that the surprise is the better solution.

4. Use all your senses. To become an expert on something, you have to know everything about it from all sides. Taste, see, smell, feel and hear the sounds of your subject.

5. Creative time. Many artists and writers agree that the best time to be creative should be at the same time every day. Whether it’s an hour before bed or first thing when you wake up, train your brain to be at its best at these certain times. Free write, sketch or otherwise brainstorm to spark that creativity “on demand.”

6. Engage with someone different. There is no one type of creativity nor only one way to be creative. Connect with someone with whom you would normally disagree or not understand. You are bound to learn a lot about their kind of creativity and maybe something about your own as well.

7. Change the perspective. Take the question you have been working from and see how many ways you can rephrase and turn it around. Make sure your focus truly meets your audience’s needs.

After exploring different techniques to being creative, consider which are the best, the ones worth pursuing. Look past the good of each to the pros and cons, to the worst case scenarios and everything in between. Put your ideas head to head and let the final best of them all win.

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