A Bad Credit Car Purchase Is Possible – 7 Steps

Being in the market for a new or used car can be a lot of fun: it’s great to fantasize about and research the different kinds of cars you could buy for yourself.

However, the whole process can also be stressful. In particular, it is stressful when you realize that you are going to be fighting an uphill battle when it comes to getting approved for auto financing.

Your worries will multiply even more if you discover that you have a bad credit score – say, one below 650 or even 600. A bad credit score can make it much harder for a lender to be able to approve your application at a reasonable rate.

If you are interested in making a bad credit car purchase, here is what you can accomplish in 7 steps:

1. Figure out which model you like:

As with anytime you shop for a large-ticket item like a car, start by narrowing down your choices to a certain make and model of car you like. Try to balance price considerations with something that will meet your needs.

2. Choose a year/car condition combination that is within your price range:

Now, focus in a bit more on the year and car condition you can afford. For example, you may want a 2005 in good condition or a 2003 in excellent condition (both could be around the same price). Do your best to go after a make/model/year/condition combination that meets your needs but saves you as much money as possible.

3. Decide how much money you can scrape together for a down payment:

The more money you can come up with, the better your chances of getting approved for your bad credit auto purchase. Why? Because, more money as a down payment means less to borrow. This will translate to better chances of your getting your loan approved.

4. Have a look at your latest credit report from TransUnion or another major bureau:

There are now 4 major credit bureaus, including TransUnion, Innovis, Equifax and Experian. Request your latest report from one or more of them.

5. Write the credit bureau about any credit-reporting errors you find there and get them removed:

Peruse your report carefully, taking special note of any items that do not reflect favorably on you or your credit history. Be proactive in contacting them to have these items removed if they were reported in error.

6. Take an organized approach to applying for a bad credit loan:

Now, before you actually start applying to bad credit auto lenders, take an organized approach. Use a spreadsheet application like Excel and keep track of the details about each lender. Include contact information, loan terms details, and of course interest rate information.

7. Do not be afraid to go back 1-2 more times to each lender to get a better offer:

As you start receiving loan offers, go back at least one or two more times and see if you can secure an even better loan offer.

Take these 7 steps in order to purchase a car, even when you have a bad credit score.

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