A "China Town" Community Is Among The Potential New Developments In Miami

If there is one place in South Florida that has definitely stood out as far as its cultural diversity, that place would – without a doubt – be Miami. In fact, its multicultural flair has been known to attract millions of people around the world who feel excited about being able to experience life within such a beautiful tropical setting that has an abundant mix of people from almost every corner of the globe.

While the region has already seen a rich selection of new developments in Miami that include many being proposed by real estate developers and investors from places such as Argentina and Brazil, it seems that there will be even more to look forward to as an interesting project could be underway in the very near future.

In November of 2011, numerous Asian-American community leaders sat down with a well-known legislative and corporate law counsel named Mikki Canton in order to see whether or not it would be feasible to develop a China Town which would serve as a public-private community within the region which would be supported by the Asian American Federation of Florida.

According to reports, the community will ideally be located within the center of one of the international districts within the region but there no actual locations have been mentioned as far as this new development in Miami is concerned which means that it could take a while before people can look forward to seeing the project enter its first stages. Nevertheless, the project is expected to launch within the next two years and is going to cost around $40 million to create.

The community is going to be home to residential and commercial real estate options as well as schools and a senior center for members of the Chinese community. It is a new development in Miami which will surely be a big success, especially since there are so many people from China who are seeing the region as being one of the primary locations for living within the United States.

While the people involved in the project as still in the process of looking into which areas are most likely to serve as the perfect location for the exciting new development in Miami, it seems highly likely that Miami proper and the northern section of Miami Beach could very well be among the top two cities on the list since these have today’s highest number of Asians.

If you would like to find out more information regarding the China Town project set to rise within the region, or if you are interested in learning more about the different developments in Miami, you may contact a professional real estate agent for details.

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