A Good Advertisement For a Catering Company

Just like in any other business endeavor, when making plans in setting up a catering business, perhaps the very first step is to choose the best business name. Having a good and catchy business name and a business logo for that matter, would give your catering company enough visibility to showcase your wares in the market. There are of course certain techniques and pointers which you can follow in coming up with a good catering business name.

First of all, when you have built up a strong reputation and have a collection of satisfied clientele already in the catering industry by your own person, it would be a good idea to use your own name as your business name. However, this option may have some limitations when you decide to expand your business or sell your franchise in the future. It would be best to select a corporate name that could be flexible enough to be applicable and relevant no matter how your catering business develops and evolves.

A good strategy in coming up with an effective business name for your catering services is to convey a certain motto or message to your market or the general public. With a convincing pitch and objective, your chosen business name should evoke the high quality of your service which reflects the best value and reliability for your customers.

A good way to formulate your business name is to make a shortlist of different names for consideration, and then show this list to some of your friends, associates, and relatives and maybe take some sort of a random survey on which name they prefer. After a couple of days, go back to them and ask them which names they do recall and could pronounce easily. This would give you an idea on which names would appeal to the public and to the market as well.

As a general rule, avoid imitating other local business names, especially from competitors, and avoid any similarities in the sound of names, as this will weaken your general impression to the public. Remember that your objective in choosing a good name for your catering business is to make a good and lasting impression to everyone.

Before you make any finalizations to your chosen business name, make sure that it is absolutely unique and does not in any way encroach or violate intellectual property rights of other companies or establishments. Another aspect you may want to consider is the use of acronyms for your London Catering business name. The smart thing about choosing the use of acronyms is its ease of pronunciation and recall. But remember to choose your acronym wisely and avoid awkward or distasteful sounding names.

With regards to the preparation for a website on the Internet, it would be prudent to find an ideal domain name that is still available and register it as soon as you have decided on a formal business name. If and when you start up your website it would be good to have a domain that reflects your own name.

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