A Message From a Divorced Woman!

1. I am not waiting for a knight on a white horse to come and rescue me because I don’t need rescuing to begin with!

2. Please stop saying “God will repay you” because I didn’t lose anything!

3. Please stop asking “If I regret getting married” because if I never did, I wouldn’t have my baby girl!

4. Please stop telling me “you are so strong, how did you do it?” I have been brought down, broken and hurt but I survived like everyone else, not because I am a super hero but because simply that’s what time does… It heals!

5. Please understand that it doesn’t bother me when you speak about your kids, husband or your family… what I been through doesn’t make me bitter and definitely doesn’t make me envious!

6. When I go to a wedding and the bride enters, please don’t look at me with sympathy, and let me enjoy the wedding without throwing those pitiful looks at me as if I lost an arm!

7. When the couple starts to dance and I tear up, please don’t hold my hand or hug me because I am not remembering my wedding day & mourning, I am simply happy for the couple and I wish they have better luck than mine!

8. Please stop asking me “How are you?” or “Are you hanging in there?” & when I say I’m fine, I mean that I am fine, please don’t start acting like a psychiatrist!

9. Please stop asking me “what I will do next? “Or “how will I manage being a single Mum?”… I am not a fortuneteller, I live my life day by day!

10. Please stop setting me up with divorced guys, widowers, or men that don’t have a job… My situation didn’t make me lower my standards or expectations!

11. NO, I won’t be getting married again just to have a man under my roof cause “This is Life” or “You need a man” so please stop with that advice!

12. YES, I still believe in falling hopelessly in love, living a fairytale and happily ever after and NO I don’t hate men now!

13. Please stop asking me “Do you think someone will accept you with a baby?” I don’t know but it’s the way it is and honestly I don’t care!

14. When I see you and your spouse somewhere don’t assume that now I am a home wrecker & I want to steal your husband away!

15. Please don’t ask me “When will you get married again?”, I swear to god when I am asked that question all I am thinking, “Hmmm I am getting married in 3 days, 8 hours and 25 minutes, sorry you aren’t invited!!!!

16. Please don’t be shocked when I say “My next wedding”, YES I will have another wedding, are you kidding? How many girls actually get to have 2 weddings in a life time… I call myself lucky!

17. Please don’t tell me “Don’t wear a white dress to your next wedding, It’s the color of purity”… What the hell does that mean; I am somehow not pure now?

18. To the entire weirdo’s out there in our society, please don’t expect that I am an easy woman now, I am still a good girl & my daddy raised me right!

19. Please don’t assume that I am weak and sad, while I may be superior and happy just like any other human being!

20. Please stop asking me “Do you hate your Ex?” My Ex isn’t my favorite person but NO, I don’t hate him and certainly I don’t wish him dead! I have been married to my college best friend of 10 years, I had a fairytale come true but sadly it didn’t work out, as simple as that!

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