A Quick Look Through Popular Routes And Prerequisites For Trekking In Ladakh

Ladakh is strategically situated in Jammu & Kashmir, India. Currently, it stretches from Kuen Lun Mountain Range to the South of Great Himalayas. Leh is one of those limited destinations that offer a perfect setting for trekking and mountaineering. With picturesque backdrop and uneven terrains, it provides a thrilling combination of scenic charisma and challenging heights to adventurous enthusiasts.

In addition to this, the bitter conditions have not traumatized the determination of trekkers and mountaineers to avoid challenges set by nature. If you are not carrying your tent, then overnight accommodations can be easily found in villages. Trekking in India, especially in Ladakh has lately grabbed the attention of many hikers round the world. It is easily accessible by road, train, and air.

Basic requirements for Ladakh trekking

  • For trekking in and around Tso Moriri and Nubra Valley, you will need an interline permit.
  • To climb Stok Kagri, IMF permit is a must.
  • For trekking in Hemis national park, you need approval from Dhaba.

Technically, permission is needed for all the peaks in Ladakh, but you will be checked at Stok Kangri.

How to Prepare For Hiking in Ladakh?

Trekking in Ladakh starts at the height of approximately 3,500 meters, and thus proper acclimatization is required to avoid AMS (acute mountain sickness). The best way to get acclimatized is to rest for two days and then begin with small term treks followed by hardcore climbing.

Packaged tours

At high altitudes, you cannot carry heavy items on their back, as this slows them down, and thus mountaineers use guides and horses. Travel agents arrange packaged tours that include horses, food, and tents. You can even have home stay trekking packages arranged as per your convenience.

Popular trekking packages

Markha valley trek – The trek commences from Spitok and heads towards the south-west of Indus River, which flows across the valley. Trekkers reach the point where Indus River confluences with Zinchen. After this, the mountaineers need to cross Kongmaru pass and reach Hemis.

Henaskut to Wanla – The route starts from Henaskut, which is a 160 kilometers from Ladakh. Trekkers can run into a few difficulties on this route, and they need to climb many passes including Pirkiting La and Yogmala.

Lamayuru to Padum – Himachal is the real end point of this trek. It stretches from Lamayuru to Padun, displaying beautiful landscapes and encapsulates the longest trail.

Tsomoriri to Kibber – Trekkers come across several monks, monasteries, and local along with beautiful landscape rolling side by side. The route from Tsomoriri trails to Kyangdam and ultimately reaches Parang La, the highest point.

Adventure trekking tour in Ladakh has many options ranging from 3 days to 15 days tour packages. It includes Hemis to Zangla via Junglam, Sham trek, Lamayuru to Darcha, Lamayuru to Hemis, Chader trek, Rumste to Tsomoriri, Saboo to Khaltsar, Hemis to Takh, Spituk to Stok, Hemis to Tsomiriri, Liker to Khaltse and Lamayuru to Hemis. Choose the routes as per your convenience.

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