A Review Of The Tapping World Summit Presentation On Redefining and Recreating Work Relationships

Kate Beeders’ presentation is about your relationship with your work colleagues and associates. Kate worked for over two decades in the corporate world. Her entry into the EFT world was about just such a challenge. Her then boss had delivered bad news for her, and there would have been a very bleak outcome for Kate had she not chanced upon a practitioner who did EFT with her for the situation. The next day, she calmly renegotiated her contract with her boss and went on to renewed success.

Kate points out the most common complaint of workers about their boss is not being appreciated. Kate recommends tapping before a discussion with your boss. Tapping before a meeting with the boss at work, and in my experience, certainly before any kind of potential conflict situation, is very useful. It can release the emotional blocks that stop us from seeing the situation just as it is rather than loaded with our past baggage.

Kate recommends that we rate the present situation with the boss first, and then go to the underlying issue, maybe one with a parent or teacher. She uses a beautiful Setup ending with “I want to find a way to love and accept myself” instead of “I deeply love and accept myself”. This is great in cases when one is feeling less confident and comfortable in their own skin than usual. Kate also makes a suggestion for when you do self-EFT. She suggests that you talk to a mirror and ask yourself what it is about the situation that upsets you, and then tap on whatever comes up.

Kate is a fan of what I call vent-and-tap (or swear-and-tap). She recommends it for those who have a really difficult boss. So basically, you tap on your usual points and vent at that person as if they are in front of you and you could say what you really want to say. This gets a lot of the pent-up feelings out of the way. Kate also recommends that you tap whilst pretending to be your boss and explaining your point of view. I find that this can help you get the bigger picture and feel calmer about the situation.

As well as bosses, Kate makes recommendations for tapping about co-workers. When we tap about issues with co-workers, it removes the emotional blocks that stop us communicating effectively with co-workers and getting more of what we want out of the situation. She gives the example of a woman whose co-worker always left early, leaving her with all the work to finish. As a result of tapping on the situation, this lady was able to communicate her needs calmly and effectively to her colleague, and her colleague stopped leaving early all the time.

A very important lesson from this presentation is that when we change in ourselves, others around us change the way they treat us. In other words, we can change our work environment by changing ourselves. EFT is a great way to move forward with work or any other issue. If you are new to EFT, you can download a free guide from many online resources. Or you can dive right in and work with an experienced practitioner or attend a local workshop.

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