A Sad Commentary For Our Times

Once again the seasons have turned. The days of this past summer were not filled with blissful memories of hot summer nights but, a crescendo of disasters yet to come. It is fall now where one looks forward to beautiful foliage of leaves turning bright red and orange, where Halloween brings out the child in all of us and where pumpkin pies adorn Thanksgiving tables. But, now all of this is overshadowed by circumstances that have run out of control. When we have lost too many lives by a Pandemic that shouldn’t have been, when small businesses that once dominated consumer spending in practically every city and town have ceased to exist, when millions are struggling to keep a roof over their head, food on the table and desperately trying to avoid infection of a deadly virus are the realities of today.

As we close out the year 2020 with an election upon us and a year filled with anxiety and despair brought on by not only a global pandemic but of years of disingenuous policies have splintered a nation. Divisions so deep in our society today that have only continued, incensed by the rhetoric coming out of the present Administration. All of which have jeopardized America’s future. A future that continues to be shrouded by the deep recesses that have decimated our society.

For far too long our society has regressed to the point where the responses to any situation showcases a regression of civility toward our fellow man. Too often actions by the public display no remorse or empathy only a heightened sense of fear. The cohesiveness that once prevailed in our society that united a nation back in the early 1960’s has withered and died on the vines of so many lost opportunities.

Once again the United States faces tumultuous times. Times that stress a nation to a point of almost no return. Yet, our leaders care not for the publics welfare. When faced with great adversity they quiver and hide, unwilling to meet the challenges head on. Instead, they shift blame toward each other, too preoccupied with their own selfish gains. As a citizen of this once great country knowing millions can’t escape the malaise they face today are betrayed by the powers of government that continues to look the other way. Too blind to see that their greed has got in the way.

With so much at stake, with so little time to waste the chances for our future have dwindled with each passing day. When drastic measures are called so many can’t or won’t accept what actually needs to be done. The oligarchy rule that is and has been in play instills fear in the growing numbers, pitting one against the other. Their priorities are distorted keeping in line for their mutual gain.

Now, as our society sinks to new lows where so many factors have contributed to our decline can we really survive the way things are going? The failures of our government is obvious for all to see. Yet, too many continue to be blinded by false information presented as truths. The great con artist, our not so fearless leader in Washington has spewed not even half truths only misinterpreted himself as the great savior for our times. In keeping in step too many Republicans follow right behind. As the pandemic rages on, and millions facing unimaginable suffering we ought to really think what really needs to be done.

The dire conditions that millions are facing with all the technological advances made just within the past 35 years is a sad commentary for our times. Our government that are duty bound to protect and serve the public has failed us once again. The political games played by elected officials have entrenched the oligarchy rule, created the deep divisions in our society and fostered a disdain for opposing views. The vile contempt displayed by so many today as typified by the late actions of government has reduced America’s ability to regain some semblance of cohesiveness and civility within our society.

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