Abundance – 3 Steps to Being in the Flow

In challenging times it is easy to believe the stories you hear in the news and from the people around you. Believing the gloom and doom can cause you to contract in fear. You feel like you are losing control. Control is just an illusion, the ego’s attempt to hold on to the past instead of being in the moment. When you let go of trying to be in control, you allow yourself to discover the flow. The world is always changing. You can fight it, or surrender and change with the times. Surrender does not mean to give up. It means to relax into each moment, trust the journey and allow the universe to support you. Here are 3 keys to help go stay in the flow and find peace no matter what challenges come your way.

The first step is to let go of trying to control what is happening and learn to ride the waves. Take time each day to shift your attention from what is going on in the world around you and focus inward. Inside you there is a quiet, spacious place of being. Rest in this place as often as you can. To find it close your eyes, exhale with a deep sigh, let go of everything and relax into the nothingness. Notice the spaces between the thoughts and allow the spaciousness to expand.

Second, feel into the body and see if you can become aware of your body’s vibration. It is a subtle energy that flows through you. Once you are aware of it, notice how far it extends beyond your body. See if you can expand your energy a little farther out from your body. This energy has consciousness. Your body-mind is a magnet that has the ability to attract whatever it focuses its attention upon. If you generate negative thoughts you will attract negative energy. If you generate positive thoughts you will attract positive energy.

Third, abundance is about allowing. Relax, open up and be in the flow, release negative beliefs that block abundance. State clearly, in words, thoughts and deeds what you want to attract into your life. Offer gratitude for all that you receive and give generously to others.  Become aware of when your thoughts, words or action are out of alignment with your desires and quickly shift back into being in the flow. When obstacles arise see them as a gift. They are either there to shift your course or to wake you up. Welcome change as an ally.  As you learn to relax into the abundance around you life will become less about doing and more about being. Enjoy the journey.

Abundance is a state of mind. You could be the richest person in the world and be living in fear. Allowing your inner peace to be independent of the outer world makes it possible to be in the flow of abundance no matter what is going on in the world around you. Master these 3 keys and you will live a peaceful and abundant life.

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