Abundance Will Advance Your Ability to Give – Donating Time, Talent or Energy in Abundance by Giving

***A bun dance sounds really funny!(LOL) Especially when it is meant to be written together. Though you can get jiggy with it and dance when you are happy and have reaped abundance my your own effort. Abundance is experienced by anyone who decides to take control over the course of the way that they do things on a habitual or daily basis. There are many added effects and benefits in seeking ways of adding or incurring additional abundance to yourself. Did you know that it is a Universal Law that indicates: You will reap in the same measure or more what you put into the Universe!

My perspective for such a statement is as follows: If you want more Love, Energy money, time skills, recognition or more of anything, then that’s where you need to bring your focus and concentration. Add MORE or like energy, effort- Place MORE of anything, from where you would like to reap, in an abundant effort, and you will receive abundantly!

Let’s say for example you are a car salesman, and you want to gain the trust of more caring and devoted customers. What could you do to bring the desired results back to yourself? You could learn and do more research on four different categories that effect vehicle sales. Learn the safety, recall actions or stats or maximum mileage information and be a consumer-conscious salesperson as well as a consumer advocate for ALL of the people that cross your path. Sometimes you’ll make a sale and sometimes you won’t. Though the time and energy will not be in vain. NO WAY! The effort will be realized and can most definitely bring you a customer by reference from a customer that enjoyed your service. Perhaps they felt that you could benefit one of their friends, relatives or even co-workers auto purchase, or able to provide great information and meet their quality needs.

That’s just one example of how gaining and sharing an abundance of information helps inform another, shares joy and brings a warm feeling from the heart of the source to the heart of the recipient. This is where the energy grows wings of abundance you are living and giving with purpose, feeling lively and stretching your joy to others. Once a word of abundant information or assistance is given away without expectation, the law of abundance is recorded and an energy released will return to the source of where the abundance was initially expelled,propelling the source to reap abundance to himself! Abundance is a dance that will advance your ability to give- Donate your time,talent or energy and reap More abundance by giving!

If you are abundantly and brutally dishonest with a brazen tendency to manipulate people, places and events, be sure of this: You have set the law of abundance in effect to reap more of the same energy that you placed into your periphery. Don’t ever think that you can get away with stealing, cheating, lying or scheming to achieve your means of living. Your heart and your mind and the pulse of abundant energy know that you will have your day of reckoning. You will suffer fate worse than what you made others suffer by your deviousness, covetousness or underhanded way of earning a living. Tricking and thinking that you get one over on somebody will catch up to you quicker than you can even imagine. That’s the law of attraction in action- Not so fun, huh?

A bun dance or really ABUNDANCE is a dance that we daily do to make our Universe and the Universe of others become more heart-centered, less ego-driven and more beneficial to one another. Bringing abundance back to the source or place that released the energy in the first place is a great way to live!. Everybody wins and the energy of Abundance is put to work in powerful ways.

If you use the RECIPROCAL effect of abundance, you probably won’t want to reap or receive what you get. It’s coming back to you anyway, so do the best most abundantly positive things that you accomplish everyday and watch the world change around you!

***I enjoy learning from you and from others offering me knowledge and abundance of love daily!~

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