Accelerating Airship Airspeed

Can we accelerate blimps, airships and dirigibles to better use these assets in the United States Military Future Fighting Force Initiatives? Having eyes in the sky and communication or laser relays makes a lot of sense to winning future wars but how can we make our airships or blimps go much faster?

Well why not allow them to fly more like an aircraft until they get into position and then like a “ballpark frank” that “plumps when you cook it” the aircraft with a very fat wing indeed becomes a humungous aerial dirigible which can fly for months on end and simply hover in place as our eyes in the sky? But some who have looked into this idea say for a blimp to hover in place it will need power to remain in control and fight the relative normal wind flows at its desired altitude. I believe I have the answer for this. How so you ask?

Well I propose that some of the air in the canisters, which plump up the blimp, contain Argon or CO2 and go into a separate chamber. This gas can later be used for blimp control via laser conditioning of the localized air. The lasers will be shot behind the blimp to thicken the air holding the blimp from blowing off course. So, with this strategy perhaps we can better utilize blimps, airships and dirigibles in the battlespace easier in the future. Consider this in 2006.

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