Adventure Travel in Luxury Argentina

Everyone has a place that they would love to visit someday, Patagonia in Argentina is one of those inspirational places. You will be so moved by the beauty of the place your adventurous spirit will soar. People have been so enchanted with the area they have moved here to protect and serve this special place on our planet.

Nahuel Huapi National Park offers a variety of accommodations from the budget minded cabin experience to resort hotels that offer gourmet food, spas and active recreational facilities.

The park is located on the Argentina – Chile border and has long been recognized for its striking beauty and considered a premier sports destination. You can play in over forty eight thousand miles of colorful forests of larch, cypress, coihue and arrayanes.

The crystal blue lakes and rivers are fed by mountain water and offer the water enthusiast a variety of choices. You can take a private cruise, rent a jet ski, wind surf or canoe as the locals have been for centuries.

Nahuel Huapi the largest lake in the area is big enough to get lost from any crowds it is fifteen hundred feet deep and is over three hundred and twenty nine miles. From the lake you can view the Andes including Mount Tronador reaching an elevation of over eleven thousand feet. During the spring you will see many amazing waterfalls pouring into the lake.

While you are visiting the area you won’t want to miss the Enchanted Valley. The Enchanted Valley is famous for its rock formation formed by glaciers that are true works of art.

Take a day and drive around the seven lakes area, stop and take a ride to the top of the mountain and get the view from up high. You won’t regret taking your camera along and bragging to your friends when you get back home.

The Nahuel Huapi National Park actually has another national park within its boundaries and it is called Los Arrayanes here you will find the arrayanes trees famous for there cinnamon colored bark and the miniature deer prancing about.

You can ride a horse across the across the plain and experience travel in a quiet old fashioned way.

There is a golf course that has hazards into the jungle for people who love to travel with their clubs.

When you want that special adventure of a lifetime and are ready to enjoy it in luxury all you need to do is head to Nahuel Huapi National Park and your dream will come true.

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