Adventure Travel – Texas

Texas is huge and big is better just ask any Texan. Rumors of gold take treasure hunters to Padre Island. You will only be able to visit a section of Texas on a week vacation. Each area offers a different ecosystem, always great regional cuisine, and a Texan perspective.

The golf coast area of Texas is for the sun worshiper in you. You will find white sandy dunes, sea turtles, a few coyotes, rodents and fun in the sun. Mustang State Park will give you a prime example of the dunes that can reach heights of thirty five feet. There are armadillo here, wild mustangs that were brought from Spain and the Native Americans once inhabited this shelter island. You can paddle around the island through fish pass into Corpus Christi Bay and then back through Wilson Cut it is a long journey, worth the effort to see the birds, wild life and perhaps a glimpse of the 600 species of fish that inhabit the water.

Padre Island is another shelter island that is very popular with the locals parts of the island are a national park. The national park offers miles of sandy coastline to kick back and enjoy the sun and watch the birds and sea turtles. Birds that are found in the area include Sand hill Cranes, falcons, a wide variety of ducks, spoonbills, Ibis, hawks and storks to name a few. If you go there and want to stay in the campground or a hotel near by I recommend a reservation.

Travel here by car from Austin along the Texas Tropical Trail and for over one thousand miles you will discover a rich cultural diversity, miles of scenic views and historic treasures. Travel Adventure in Texas would not be complete without spending a bit of time in Austin and traveling into the hill country. Austin is where the night life is vibrant with country music many a famous music star started here maybe you can discover the undiscovered.

Here is where you will find the hills, eight wineries, and western history. Towns in this area are small town Texas, Bring along your appetite the food is a food lovers delight. The town of Lukenbach will bring the old west alive with buildings from the 1800’s friendly people and locals playing country music at the general store.

Travel along The Hill Country Trail for almost nine hundred miles and discover serene valleys, rolling hills, meandering rivers and underground caverns. Wherever you decide is right for you Texas Vacation either the sea shore or the hill region it will be memorable and adventure will be just around the corner.

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