Afraid to Speak Your Truth?

When you choose to honor your truth, you change your life in a powerful way. You honor your authentic-ness fully. When you speak your truth there is no more hiding out in a life that you really don’t want.

When you honor your truth, every word you speak and action you take only serves your big dreams and goals. The truth has a remarkable way of empowering us and instantly moving us to the next highest level in our life.

By listening to your truth you get profound clarity, increase your self-confidence, feel a whole lot better, and get a solid sense of what to do next. You become free to create the most amazing results in your life, relationships, well-being, and career.

So, how do you get connected to your truth, to listen to and honor it, and live as a BOLD TRUTHFUL WOMEN? Here are some special tips.

1. Make peace and tell yourself the truth. Stop telling yourself little white lies such as:

– “What you really want doesn’t really matter or could never even happen.”

– “It’s selfish to put your needs first.”

– “Your job is pretty good.”

– “It doesn’t make sense to leave your career and start your own business.”

– “You really want hot, passionate love but tell yourself you have no time for it or the relationship your in is better than none.”

2. Practice by listening to all your whisper of truth small and big.

3. Look in the mirror and tell your truth aloud. Write it on the mirror…all over it!

4. Tell yourself the truth when you exercise, draw, shop, get dressed, or feel uncertain & fearful.

5. Connect to a tribe of people who live by their truth.

6. Journal your truth and read it often.

7. Draw and color your truth on paper or even on a wall in your house.

8. Go Truth CRAZY!

9. Start to tell people your truth. (No, not your inner secrets) Start small like when you really don’t want to eat their food they offer you and say “no thank you” or when you just don’t want to do whatever it is they’re asking you. Honor your truth and speak it.

You may be saying, “I really don’t know how to connect with my truth. Where do I start?”

First, let go of looking everywhere for your truth. You already have it inside. It’s time to claim it! Begin to notice where you hold back. For example, when you want to say something and don’t, or when you want to go for it and don’t – why are you holding back? You most likely feel a negative sensation in your body. Your throat, heart, and stomach may hurt or feel tensed. Breathe into the restriction in your body. Then, ask yourself what do the restrictions have to tell you? Listen your truth will appear.

EMPOWER yourself today and let your truth be told!

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