Airline Luggage Weight Restrictions – Putting Your Bags on a Diet

Knowing what to bring on a trip can be a real challenge for some people. Getting on a plane and taking a trip to somewhere far away, whether for business or pleasure means packing at least one bag with a change of clothes. If you are going to be away for a couple of days, and you are travelling somewhere that the climate is different, you may not know what to expect weather wise. Should you pack shorts so that you don’t get too hot? Perhaps you should bring a sweater, so that you won’t be cold. Maybe you should just play it safe, and bring both! Before you know it, your suitcase is bulging and you are running the risk of exceeding the airline luggage weight restrictions!

Airline luggage weight restrictions are not a new concept, by any stretch. Even in the most lax days of yesteryear, airlines would charge you a handling fee if your luggage weighed over 50 pounds. Luggage that weighs too much can put a real tax on the conveyor belts that work luggage carousels, and they make the job of baggage handlers that much more taxing. Today, the rules regarding luggage are even stricter than they used to be, with some airlines charging you for any bag which you wish to check, regardless of how much it weighs.

Airline luggage weight restrictions can put a real damper on your holidays as well. Most people try to travel to their destination with a bit of extra room in their luggage, so that they will have ample space for any treasures that they happen to accumulate while they are abroad. Weight restrictions make this a real dicey chance to take, as it is easy to wind up with a valise that weighs more than the airline will allow you to bring aboard. Even people heading to their family homes for the holiday season find themselves in a bit of a quandary as they may have to ship their presents back to their own home, parcel post, rather than risk attempting to pack them.

Before starting to pack for any journey, it is a wise idea to contact your airline and ask them about their luggage policies. After you have determined what their airline luggage weight restriction is, then you can begin packing. Keep a scale handy, and keep a close tab n who much your suitcases weigh.

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