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Many adjusters work long hours including nights and weekends. Their schedule revolves around the need of their clients. Many adjusters check their schedule by receiving an email or by checking a website multiple times per day. For this reason online adjuster continuing education is imperative. Adjusters need something flexible and convenient to fit their schedule. Online CE is usually the fastest and most affordable way to complete their continuing education requirements. If an adjuster decided to complete their continuing education online they can read the textbook when it is convenient for them and then take an online exam. The exam is typically multiple choice and consists of 25-50 questions. If the insurance adjuster decides to attend a classroom they will be required to spend their weekend indoors listening to an instructor. Once they complete the classroom requirement they will have to sign an affidavit stating they were present. The only benefit of doing a classroom course is that there is no final exam at the end of the seminar.

Adjusters typically file paperwork, investigate liabilities, research claims and negotiate payouts to their clients. They need to stay current with industry trends but also with all rules and regulations pertaining to different cases. They are true masters in their profession. Many adjusters have been in the business so long they can give an estimate on damage within hours. The most common items they investigate are homes, businesses, and automobiles. The majority of adjusters work for specific insurance companies, but some work for themselves. Adjuster CE benefits the insurance agency the adjuster works for, their clients and most importantly, themselves. Education is one of the most valuable tools any professional could have. As long as the adjuster is in compliance with their state, the insurance agency knows they are as up to date as possible with rules, laws, and regulations.

If an adjuster doesn’t know what classes to take to fulfill their adjuster continuing education requirements they are recommended to contact an approved provider or their state. Either agency will be able to help them choose the correct courses. An approved provider can tell an agent what classes they need and how many credits they should take to stay in compliance. It is very important to stay current with your state. Florida for example will impose fines if you are late and sometimes even revoke your license. As you can see it is imperative to stay current with your adjuster CE.

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