Amy Purdy Gale

When Amy Purdy Gale was 19 years old she contracted Neisseria meningitis which affected her circulatory system and put her into septic shock. So fast moving was her illness that doctors only gave her a 2% chance of survival but survive she did and what she has gone on to accomplish is nothing short of a miracle. You see, not only did she lose both kidneys and her spleen, but the meningitis also took both of her legs beneath the knee.

A lot of people when faced with those odds just give up, but Amy fought and less than a year after she got prosthetic legs was she up on a snowboard. Competitions around the world followed and she won a Paralympic bronze medal at the Games in Sochi in 2014. Yes, she is an Olympic medalist in a sport that she didn’t even attempt when she had both legs. Not that she stopped there. Any is a massage therapist and soon got into modeling and acting as well, she has appeared in a few shows over the years and in 2012 competed on the reality series The Amazing Race. She, along with her future husband were a team on the show, but sadly they were eliminated in week two.

Not to worry though, because bigger and brighter things were ahead, like a stint on another reality show, Dancing With The Stars. This time Amy Purdy went all the way to the final and finished second behind winner Meryl Davis. Not only was she the first double amputee ever to compete on the show but she is also one of only a handful of dancers who never got a score lower than 8 throughout their run. Her performance average in fact is in the top 10 in the show’s history.

Amy Purdy Gale is also an author, a motivational speaker, a clothing designer and runs a non-profit called Adaptive Action Sports that works with disabled people who want to do action sports like surfing, snowboarding and the like and also those who want to get into the arts and music.

Amy shows us that giving up is not an option. If you have dreams, reach for them no matter what life throws at you. Yes, to some, Amy is a disabled person, but to her she is a woman on a mission to do whatever she has her mind and heart set on. She truly is an inspiration to us all.

Source by Amanda J Hales

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