An Innovation Mindset – Essential Skill for Physicians Leaders To Thrive in Health Care

The current dynamic health care environment creates many challenges for physician leaders. An innovation mindset is a skill that health care leaders must develop to thrive in this dynamic environment. Current issues include implementation of accountable care organizations and medical homes. Determining how to implement these concepts and whether to implement these concepts within your organization requires an innovation mindset. This article will describe the characteristics and benefits of the innovation mindset.

Innovation is Every Physician’s Business

The health care landscape is changing. Electronic medical records are being placed into medical offices. Physicians are struggling with decreased reimbursements and fear whether their practices will be financially sustainable. What will the medical practice of the future look like? What will the medical business model look like? In fact, change brings opportunity. To recognize the opportunity and implement the changes necessary to thrive requires an innovation mindset. Are you ready to develop the innovation expertise?

Innovation is an Attitude

You are a highly competent clinician. Simply working harder will not be enough. You will need to figure out how to add more value to your organization or team. You must have an attitude to come up with ideas, successfully bring them to life and take advantage of new opportunities. The innovation attitude must be how you approach your work or clinical practice everyday. Innovation is opening your mind to what can be improved or changed. Innovation is opening your mind to new opportunities and initiating new projects. A new project initiative can be exploring the accountable care organization concept or the medical home.

Benefits of an Innovation Mindset

1. Transform yourself from being a competent clinician to a sought-after talent

2. Do your job more effectively

3. Transform your practice to accomplish more with less stress

4. Discover hidden opportunities to grow your practice or team

5. Discover hidden opportunities to grow professionally

6. Help your organization or practice to survive and thrive in the fast-changing health care environment

7. Master new ways to overcome obstacles and produce results

8. Live a deeper and richer life as you solve problems in new ways

9. Rocket your team or practice to the next level

10. Increased job satisfaction so that you cannot wait to come to work

11. Increased engagement in your work so that you draw upon your best self

12. Make innovation your secret strength

Innovation is essential to survive and thrive in the current dynamic health care environment. Develop an innovation mindset and attitude to carry you through the changes and to open your mind to the opportunities.

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