Anniversary Gifts – Sixteenth Anniversary

Starting with your sixteenth anniversary, anniversary gifts start getting a little harder to get because things change drastically with this anniversary. We’re going to explain what the change is, why it changed and what your options are for a sixteenth anniversary gift.

Your first fifteen years are over and now you’re into the area where you only get a traditional gift idea every five years. So your next traditional gift idea doesn’t come around again until your twentieth anniversary. Why? This will sound like a strange answer but it is what it is. The reason is simply because after the first fifteen years, list makers felt that only the anniversaries ending in five or zero were really important. It was like reaching a milestone every five years. It didn’t matter that you made it to 24 years. The key was to make it to that magical number of 25.

However, because in modern times people still felt they needed to get their spouses gifts for each anniversary, modern day list makers came up with modern ideas for every anniversary, even up to number 100. Seems a little silly to have 100 anniversaries, but the list does exist. So starting with number sixteen, we have only modern gift ideas for all anniversaries that don’t end in a five or a zero. So don’t worry, you’ll still get some ideas to take with you to your favorite store.

So, just what is the modern gift idea for your sixteenth anniversary? Well, they don’t give you an easy one, that’s for sure. Your choice for this year is silver hollowware. For those of you, especially you guys, who don’t know what hollowware is, we’ll give you a brief definition that even you can understand. Hollowware is the opposite of flatware. Flatware are dishes that lay flat, like a flat plate. Hollowware is a dish or item that is not flat, like a bowl. Got it?

Perfect examples of hollowware that you can get for your wife and that she is sure to love, would be some nice silver serving dishes. These are great for holidays to serve all your veggies in. Pitchers, teapots and trays are also considered hollowware. Just make sure whatever you get has some silver in it or around it. Many hollowware bowls are actually made out of china but are lined with gold or silver. Look for the ones lined with silver.

It is probably best to not purchase these things online or from companies where you have to get them delivered. These items are very fragile and can break easily in shipping. Go directly to the store and pick out what you want. If you’re having trouble finding something, just go to a sales person and tell him or her that you’re looking for silver hollowware for your sixteenth anniversary. They’ll know just what to show you.

You would think as the years go by and you’re married longer, getting anniversary gifts would become easier; sadly, this isn’t the case. Maybe this is to remind us that marriage is indeed a very special thing.

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