Applicant Tracking System

Why Cloud Based Applicant Tracking System (ATS)?
Today’s businesses must improvise their functions and operation not only to be updated but also to be one step ahead of their competitors. This requires high-quality human capital, working from various locations, flexibility and operations that are beyond the legacy systems’ limitations. Through cloud-based solutions, in particular ATS, Human Resources personnel can access and retrieve data from any location, from any device having an internet connectivity. The ATS can also be integrated with various job portals, social media engines and career sites, letting organizations access and acquire larger pool of talent. It also offers speedier and more efficient functions through real-time application tracking, process updates and minimal paper use. Offering data encryption and cross communication abilities, the ATS ensures security and uninterrupted collaboration within the HR teams.
Oorwin’s Integrated Talent Management, HR and CRM platform Brings all that & Much More!
Oorwin is the brainchild of passionate entrepreneurs, business leaders, HR professionals, savvy tech-geeks and customer-oriented consultants and sales experts. Oorwin was launched with a goal to revolutionize business operations with a twist of unmatched efficiency, speed and high-performance. The SAAS based ATS by Oorwin revolutionizes today’s HRM as it is cost-efficient, easy to deploy, simple to implement and even simpler to maintain, regardless of the company’s size and how fast it’s growing.
Oorwin prides in itself for its powerful cloud solutions that combine ATS, HRM and CRM with most of the job boards and VMS Providers. The robust plugins having the key mail clients, decreases the operational time to an incredible extent. Oorwin’s ATS brings state of the art AI capabilities that help your workforce achieve synergized outcomes. At Oorwin, the mission is simple i.e. to design software that make recruiting easier for the people, develop solutions that companies would want to deploy, sell them how they would like to buy those and offer the level of excellent and service that one would expect being a customer.
The Success Factors of Oorwin SAAS Based ATS & HRM & CRM Integrated Solutions
Oorwin lets you develop a connected Human Resource Management experience. A SAAS based, centralized cloud HR system by Oorwin manages hire-to-retire process, consolidating various HR applications into a single HCM ecosystem for executing efficient and cost-effective post-hire operations.
Product 1: Oorwin’s Self-Service Recruitelligence
Oorwin Hire is a patented and specialized ATS that automates the hiring process, and enables natural recruitment intelligence and faster job closing. The core features of Oorwin Hire include:
• Development & Maintenance of Resume Database
No need to download or upload hundreds of profiles as Oorwin comes with a one-click, bulk upload feature. Oorwin has used enterprise-grade tools and plugins that can parse any file format from Gmail, Outlook, Inbox and Chrome.
• Automated Ranking
Set your criterion and get accurate candidates’ profiles from Oorwin’s ATS intelligence candidate ranking algorithm, advanced search, book marking and automatic tagging functions. The AI-based interface keeps you updated if an old candidate is the right fit for a new job, which eventually saves your time and cost.
• Integrated Interview Management
You can schedule an interview with the selected candidates through Oorwin’s integrated interview tools that enable communication tracking, automated feedbacks and reminders.
• Social media, Job Boards and VMS integrations
Through Oorwin’s ATS, recruiters can use multiple job boards at a time, as well as social media, while through VMS systems integration, you can access and do all recruitment tasks, without logging in to VMS. Oorwin simplifies the complex, multi-level, multi-site recruitment process in every possible way.
• Customization
You can create custom forms, adjustable workflows, hiring types, and recruitment stages.

• Smart Recruitment Analytics
Oorwin’s helps you make smart, data-driven decisions based on important recruitment metrices like efficiency, time taken to hire, cost per candidate etc. It also lets you determine the top and bottom performers. The analytics provide multi-faceted features, data grids and widgets.
In addition, the paperless, digital on-boarding capabilities of the ATS further streamline the process, making it up to 99% time and cost efficient.
Product 2: Oorwin’s HR
Oorwin’s HR is a SAAS bases HRM & CRM software that manages all the HR functions and team members’ assignments at one centralized location, through custom workflows, employee ecosystem, work progress monitoring, employees’ self-service tools, dynamic world clock models, expense tracking, versatile reporting, holistic invoicing, payroll, compensations, benefit management and zero-paper accounting.
The Team at Oorwin Works for Excellence
Oorwin aims to help its clients achieve excellence by making the most of their most important assets, which are people, processes and the entire ecosystem, by uniting them on cloud and enabling innovation, growth and higher ROIs. Leveraging on people intelligence and integrating digital technology into HR and recruitment processes, Oorwin has enabled hundreds of businesses run agile and data-driven operations, save thousands of productive hours and invest more resources on core competencies while maximizing the HCM’s investments.
Looking Forward
Oorwin’s unique ATS having a secure storage database based on applicants’ information, is not just easier to use, but also highly flexible to adjust to each business’s individual needs and HR processes. With the help of Oorwin’s SAAS based specialized HRM software and ATS, the overall recruiting experience is enhanced, both for the employer and the applicant at every stage of the hiring process.

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