"Be Eco-Friendly, Pay Your Bill Online," The Advertisement Said

Many people pay their bills online, without going anywhere, and in a way that helps the environment. Not long ago, I got a postcard in the mail from one of the companies I do business with and it told me that I should be eco-friendly and pay my bill online, rather than putting a check into an envelope and sending it to the company. I laughed because in my estimation the company was pretending to be a green company that cared about the environment, but most likely they only cared about their cash flow.

Perhaps, a decent accounting strategy indeed?

So, one has to ask if I was really being eco-friendly by paying my bill online today, or if I was significantly helping the cash flow of the company that sent the bill. Nevertheless, I thought it was quite interesting, and might be a good idea for your small business to get brownie points with your customers and improve your cash flow so you can expand your business as the recession ends and they economy returns to full force.

The reality is, everyone is trying to be an environmentally friendly company these days, and much of it is more about perception than actually being a green company, or a good community corporate player. But sense perception is a key component in public relations, and since you want to get your invoices paid on time so that you have the cash available to expand your business, this sounds like a pretty good idea to me.

If you own a small business why not try this, after all, getting your customers to pay online, means you don’t have to wait for the check to come in the mail, therefore you get your money three days early. I hope you will please consider this.

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