Being Cautious With Executive Limousine Chauffeurs

Seen by some as a status symbol and by others as simply a practical utilisation of appropriate transport, the executive limousine hire business has never been busier.

Whether one is talking about VIP prestigious marques or extravagant stretch limos, they continue to be favoured by the rich, powerful and influential. However much some may criticise their green credentials, it continues to be possible for many to make a very convincing argument that such vehicles are highly effective for the people using them as a practical and comfortable method of getting from ‘A’ to ‘B’.

There is one question that is sometimes overlooked though and that is the chauffeur provided by the limousine hire company.

Who is driving you?

Assuming that you are renting your limousine from a recognised organisation with some form of track record, you should be able to be certain that the chauffeur concerned will have all appropriate driving qualifications.

The service provider will have needed to ensure that in order for their insurance cover to be valid. Very few will be likely to entrust a vehicle, perhaps worth well into six figures, into the hands of someone who might cause them insurance difficulties should a claim arise.

However, there is another characteristic of executive limousine chauffeurs that might be worth taking into account – their trustworthiness.

On a typical executive journey, the chauffeur is likely to be able to hear everything that passes between you and any other colleagues in the vehicle with you. It might also be difficult to hide at least your end of any telephone calls made.

True, you could ask the vehicle to stop and the chauffeur to step out for a few minutes while you speak with absolute privacy but that might not always be convenient if, for example, you are on a motorway or freeway. Some vehicles may have a privacy seal between the chauffeur and passengers but that is not necessarily the norm.

So, confidentiality and being sure that the person driving is trustworthy will be at the forefront of some business users’ attention.

Ask questions

Fortunately, any reputable limo hire company will be only too aware of this as an issue. As such, they will have no hesitation whatsoever in discussing with you just what recruitment vetting process is used in their chauffeur selection.

In order to provide yourself with appropriate reassurance, you may wish to ask some of the following questions:

  • What resources were used to vet the chauffeur prior to his or her recruitment?
  • Did that include criminal record, credit history and explicit past employers’ reference checks etc.?
  • How long has the individual been in the employ of the limousine service provider?
  • Has he or she ever been the subject of a complaint by another customer?

Any professional and long-established limousine provider will have looked into all these issues and satisfied themselves that the person concerned is fully trustworthy and that includes in terms of maintaining confidentiality. Even so, not all companies necessarily take as much care with the recruitment of their personnel and therefore it’s well worth asking these questions for your own peace of mind.

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