Benefits of Fully Furnished Suites for Temporary Stay

Living in a hotel for a long period of time is not only very expensive, it’s also rather uncomfortable. Whether you are planning a trip for work or just a vacation, hotel rooms are not your best choice of accommodation for that time. Not only are you likely to feel closed in by such a small space, they can hamper your productivity or enjoyment of the whole trip once the excitement wears off after the first few nights.

No hotel room can match the level of comfort one can get from furnished suites. Being so small, you cannot enjoy the luxury of a full living room, and without a kitchen either, you end up spending a lot on restaurant meals. That’s why if you’re planning a trip for 30 days or longer, you should consider the possibility of getting yourself settled more comfortably.

1. Fully furnished homes

Unlike a rental place, this type of suite comes fully furnished, with everything a normal home would have. Much thought is placed into the quality of appliances and furniture placed in the suites, making them of far better quality than you’d find in a hotel. In addition, you can enjoy other amenities including free Internet, cable TV, a swimming pool and gym, among others, depending on where you choose to stay.

2. More affordable

Compared to spending 30+ days in a hotel, even extended stay hotels, executive suites are more affordable for long trips. The kind of luxury that you’d need to be comfortable will be costly, but settling for any less would make your stay miserable.

Furnished apartments provide the perfect balance of comfort and price for people who are looking for comfortable living spaces for the longer term.

3. A fully equipped kitchen

You can prepare your own meals, heat up your takeout and prepare that early morning cup of coffee without having to leave the comfort of home. This means that you get to save on money otherwise spent on restaurants or the hotel menu. You get to eat whatever you want in the quantity you want.

4. Suitable locations

Executive suites can be found in many different locations within a city. They tend to be strategically located near important points in the city, close enough to the business district, but in the quieter neighborhoods for tranquility’s sake. Depending on where you’ll spend most of your time, you can choose a convenient suite and enjoy the convenience of being so close to everything, yet just far away enough to enjoy the peace and quiet.

Next time you’re planning a long trip, consider staying in furnished suites and bring comfort, convenience and affordability together in a true home away from home.

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