Bringing School to South Sudan

A while back, I helped sponsor my friend Mator on a trip back to his home village with a lady I knew. He said the children were still sitting in the dirt under a tree. There were three hits that had been used as classroom but we’re unsafe.

A few months ago, Mator, Geri, and I started a non-profit to see what we can do to help the children of Wutkoro Primary School. It is located in Pinychuier village near Wangulei of Twic County. It has over 100 children.

Our hope is to have the village residents construct the structure if we can provide the funding. The structure needs to survive the rainy season. The teachers there need to know we care and they can make a difference for the young ones.

In America, we are blessed with buildings, supplies and funding needed to function. Our children may not understand the blessings of attending school and having school supplies. They do not all have the same obstacles children in some other countries have.

As a first year teacher at the age of 55, I believe maybe God’s timing is for me to learn all I can about what is needed to successfully run a school. As I learn, I can be a resource to teachers at Wutkoro Primary School and help them locate resources. I’ve been an aide, a substitute teacher, an after school summer teacher and now a first grade teacher. Who knows, maybe my journey is just beginning. First, we need to start with fundraising.

I met my friend Mator as one of the “Lost Boys” of Sudan in 2001. My son married a girl from Sudan. If they have a child, I forever have a tie to South Sudan.

Even though here we jump on social media instantly, not all regions on earth have access to it. There are still rural villages with no electricity, running water or transportation. Once we raise the funds, Mator will still need to travel there again to oversee the project. Transporting supplies for the project will be the biggest challenge. Getting through all the proper channels will be essential. It will also need a lot of prayer.

I’ve watched this young man grow over the past 20 years in his education, raising a family, and evolving in his career. I believe we can see this project become a reality but we need a lot of help. To learn more about the project, see the resource box below. If you are a praying person, pray for us.

Source by Laura M Schroeder

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