Budget for Luxury

Many people dread going on a budget because they feel like they will have to give up so much in order to save money. They equate living on a budget to living in poverty. What many people don’t understand is that there are ways to live on a budget and still have fun.

Don’t lose everything

Instead of cutting all the luxury out of your budget, keep a few things that are necessary to survival. So you might have to start bringing your coffee to work every day instead of getting Starbucks every day, you can still go for your weekly trip to the ice cream parlor. Budgeting can’t be instantaneous; it is something that takes time. Give up a little at a time, and it won’t be so bad

Do what you love

Living on a budget does mean you have to cut out unnecessary spending, but it doesn’t mean you can’t still reward yourself. One thing that people cut out of their lives when they go on a budget is eating out. They think this means they are doomed to a life of boxed macaroni and cheese and cheap ground beef at home forever. Why not try to make a fancy meal at home? Do you love the vegetable lasagna at your favorite Italian Restaurant? Well try making it at home? It is much cheaper, and nothing tastes better than hard work. Instead of going to a movie at night, go to a Saturday matinee, which is sure to cut the cost down by at least a few dollars. Eat before you go so you won’t be tempted to buy snacks. You don’t have to completely cut out fun, just scale it down a bit.

Save for a big goal

Instead of just buying what you want, when you want it, try saving for things you really want. If you are in the market for the newest gaming system, save a little bit each month for a few months. It will feel a lot better to know that you won’t have to pay interest on it later.

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