Burning Witches in the Religion of Constantine

Emperor Constantine was violent, manipulative and extremely clever when he put in place his religion. It followed his tirade against other emperors, including his own son, who fell as a result of his rise to sole rule. His annihilation of their entire families and the armies that had served in support of them was but a small part of the horrendous murdering sprees he engaged in. No member of his own family was safe as even his wife, Fausta, died as a result of his plotting.

From his rise to the purple contemporary authors, such as Zosoman, noted that he had one goal in mind from the start and a plan to put it into action. Others claim he took the most honorable Roman symbol, the cross, and used it to increase his power and control.

My research into the work of Constantine followed a vision in which the words ‘Constantine is 666’ stood up in the air before my face. Following this information a look into the archaeology records located the cross as an ancient symbol that featured prominently in the sun worship of nations from Babylon into Egypt and then the Roman Empire. It also occurs in the iconography and behaviour of the American Indians and is inscribed in the artwork of Australian aborigines.

What was unearthed was a massive ploy to fool the world and the cross was part of it. According to Eusebius, his bishop at court, Constantine saw the sign in the sky and was told to use it to conquer. He then had it erected in the streets of Rome. When he established the Catholic Church in 325 after Caesar, at the Council of Nicaea, he used the same as its main object of worship.

He elevated the Mother God, Mary, the sun as the Mother of God, Mary and he invented Jesus Christ as her son. This is stated in Revelation 13:13-18. He is unmistakable as the beast who forced all, rich and poor, young and old, bond and free to worship the image or be killed. His edicts to this effect have survived. He also built the Vatican over the temple of Jupiter (i-pita in Latin) and the bricks bore his initials CC.

With these things in mind it is little wonder that the church he established could use violence against anyone who opposes it. During the Middle Ages it turned its attention to anyone who was a threat to its power and the consequences were dire. Women, children and even men found themselves bearing the wrath of the religious fathers and many were burned at the stake. Listed among them are people like Joan of Arc. They burned books, such as those written by people like Gallileo, and they banned others, Charles Darwin among them.

The history of the religion of Constantine is little different to that of his own personal one. He murdered anyone who stood in his way. The persecution of Jews throughout history has been part of the retribution against them for the so-called murder of his image, Jesus Christ, that resonates throughout history. Millions of Jews died at the hands of the Romans and millions more at the hand of Hitler. Burning the so-called witches did not stop with Europe but extended to the Indians of the Americas and elsewhere.

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