Can A Home-Based Business Create A Life of Wealth?

If there are NO secrets to building a profitable home-based business, then WHY is it that few really understand and accomplish an enormous amount of success, when many others cannot?

Truthfully, there could be any number of reasons why.

I can only speak from personal experience. Most of my failures (which weren’t a bad thing at all) were due to lack of education and lack of patience. It’s sad to say, but even though I knew that get-rich-quick isn’t something real, I guess deep down inside I still wanted to believe it was. As a result, I rushed through the much-needed information missing the most vital steps to obtaining success.

Today, after 4 ½ plus years, all of the information I’ve gathered about building and marketing a business from home makes all the sense in the world to me.

All it takes is the right opportunity, proper preparation, and an effective marketing plan. Without ANY of the 3 of these critical elements, wealth through your own efforts becomes a virtual impossibility.


In order to create a life of wealth from a home-based business, the opportunity must first exist.

Although there are MANY home-based business opportunities that do exist, not many of them offer a relatively low start-up cost, with the potential to earn an unlimited amount of income. Of those companies who can provide the above, most of them lack providing their customers with all of the tools and materials right from the start that could help them actually build a successful business.

The reason they don’t provide all of the tools you would need for one low cost is because these companies offer what we call a “start-up” business opportunity.

Having a good start is GREAT…


Having a strong finish is even BETTER!

By carefully researching, which could take you time, you should add up the total cost of not only starting your own home-based business, but also what it will take for you to build, develop, and promote it into the financial vehicle you had hoped it would be.

Lesson #1 -Take the time to recognize a true opportunity.

Proper Preparation

If you are blessed enough to find a true opportunity, don’t limit your chances of creating wealth by merely “buying” into it. Buying into the opportunity only allows you the rights to market the product or service. It’s totally left up to you to unlock its potential rewards by using the right key.

That key is to take the TIME to prepare yourself so that you are able to reap the full benefits from your home-based opportunity once you have decided to take advantage of it.

Proper Preparation includes an in-depth knowledge of a needed or wanted product and/or service, how you will get paid for providing them, and HOW you will advertise and market them EFFECTIVELY.

Before representing a product, you should KNOW your product well. And the best way to know your product is by purchasing it yourself.

Nothing speaks louder to other people than a testimony through personal experience. If you don’t have confidence in the product you’re representing, then it only stands to reason that potential customers won’t have confidence in you.

STUDY, PURCHASE and use your product.

Commit yourself to learning all you can about your product or service and your business. It truly is the only way to find out if it is truly worth representing.

Lesson #2 – Know your product or service inside out.

A Sound Marketing Plan

A sound marketing plan is the final step in proper preparation and means everything to success!

If your home-based business doesn’t have a plan that will reach your targeted audience, then you will be working for your business, instead of your business working for you. It will also be highly unlikely that your start-up business will succeed.

Talk about no secrets, the reason most start-up businesses fail is because they fail to plan.

By focusing on the profit rather than on the processes that will get them to their end-goal, they continually miss the steps that could ultimately bring them success. Instead they should spend more time focusing on the important aspects of building their business.

Building includes bringing awareness of your product and/or service to the general public in a way that is understandable to them. Once you have unlocked the door and walked through it, you will want to introduce yourself and product or service in a way that says, “Hello everyone, I’m finally here! Your waiting is over!”

In other words, you will want to relay a strong message that you know there are many other companies who provide this (or similar) particular product or service, but it is much more beneficial for you to go along with me, company B, rather than A or C because….

Create a plan of action. Work it backwards and then play it forward. Test it, re-test it, and then release it.

Does each step of your plan have a Most Wanted Response (MWR)? It should.

Lesson #3 – Prepare to get the MOST from your new business.

In Summary

The benefits of working from the comfort of your home can be more than rewarding in many ways.

Following a step-by-step proven process will present your best chances for creating a life of wealth from your home-based business. If no such plan is available, using your own unique style and creative ability can prove instrumental in introducing yourself and your company to the general public.

Just remember, there are no secrets to building a profitable home-based business. All it takes is an in-depth knowledge of a needed or wanted product and/or service, how you will get paid for providing them, and HOW you will advertise and market them EFFECTIVELY.

Creating a life of wealth is more than possible where the right opportunity, and the right plans to market your product and/or service co-exist. Are you prepared?

Talcott Parsons

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