Causes of Crime in Urban Areas

Crime is an unlawful act deserving punishment. The nature of crime varies greatly and classification of it differs according to the area of jurisdiction. The scientific study of crime is called as Criminology. Causes of the crimes fall under four major categories – psychological, biological, economic and sociological.

Psychological causes
One’s personality and predispositions induces one to commit crimes. One relates the occurrence that happens in the surroundings to his traits and predispositions and reacts. Freudian psychologists opine that a balance in one person’s id, ego and super-ego are vital to lead a normal life. If there is an imbalance among them then it results in disorderly behavior. While super-ego influences good behavior, a predominance of id over super-ego propels one to commit crimes regardless of the consequences.

Biological causes
Biological causes are governed by genetics and neurological make up of an individual. Genetically speaking, an individual is predisposed to commit crime if one’s parents have a criminal past. Neurologically, abnormalities and chemical imbalances in brain are reasons for one to behave criminally.

Economic Causes
Poverty and deprivation makes an individual to commit crimes. Poverty leads to frustration and anger and provokes criminal activities. Criminal activity gives vent to their anger. Crimes are committed on the assumption that they will end one’s deprivation. But it is not poverty and wants that lead to crimes. Greediness is also a big contributor to criminal acts.

Sociological Causes
The ever-changing lifestyle of people in urban areas is a major cause for crimes. The position of an individual in an urban society puts a limit on him, and to adapt himself to the compelling limitations one resorts to crimes. An individual also needs to have chances to learn how to commit a crime for which the environment he lives in comes in handy.

Crimes are not unique to urban areas only, they also happen in rural areas but the degree varies. In the rural areas, violence is resorted to resolve disputes. Socio-economic factors are also causes for crime in rural areas.

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