Choosing College Majors

Choosing a college major may just be one of the most important decisions of your life. In terms of far reaching consequences, the years you invest in your education determines your choice and subsequent success in a particular career. If you are truly interested in your major, and your time, an investment in college will pay you back by way of a fulfilling career and better job prospects.

Before choosing a particular degree, make sure to investigate the career you are interested in and find out which majors are required or recommended and only then make your final decision.

Despite understanding the importance of choosing a major, many students still take their options lightly. Some find the number of choices too confusing, while others keep putting off making a decision till it’s just too late. Here are a few things you can do to help choose your college major:

o Assess and examine your interests. You need to ask yourself few questions like what excites you? What keeps you interested? What types of jobs are appealing? If you cannot come to any clear conclusions, approach your school or college career center. There are several self-assessment tests available that might help you to lead towards the correct path.

o What are your abilities? Do you know your strengths and weaknesses? Are you aware of your skills? Think back about your high school and best subjects. Did some things come to you easier than others? Were there any activities that you excelled in?

o What sort of career are you looking at? Would you prefer a job that is research-oriented or people-oriented? Do you work well in a crisis? Do you prefer to be a leader or do you work better in a team. All these answers will indicate the type of job that you are best suited for. Then look into lists of career options. Investigate specific jobs and look for related information.

o Explore career options. Look at general lists of occupations, find specific occupations, and look for related information and resources. There are several sites online that will help you with answers to the question like – “what can I do with a major in…?” or where you can learn facts and trends about various occupations.

o Take a reality check. This is the time to be brutally honest with yourself. Plan your education – if you are choosing a job that requires an advanced degree, make sure that you have the time and resources to make it happen. It is important to have a clear idea of your career path – obstacles and all so that you are prepared for any eventuality.

o Finally, make a list of all your possible choices and work towards narrowing this list down even further. By now, you should have a clearer idea of what interests you and where your strengths lie. This is then the time to get focused on what majors will help you achieve your career plans.

To get more information on different majors and their subsequent career options, there are several places and people to turn to. These include:

o College catalogs – This often has a comprehensive list of majors offered, required courses and specialized career choices.

o Teachers, tutors, academic advisors – Consult them for more information on the major of your choice and what options are open after completing your graduate degree program.

o Classmates and alumni – Speaking to your peers or seniors could give you a different more practical viewpoint regarding choices of major, the amount of work involved, the teaching methods and even internship possibilities. Alumni are also a good source of guidance and resources when choosing a career.

o Career center at your college – Career counselors at these centers often have a wealth of information at their fingertips that needs to be taken advantage of. They can offer assistance in terms of major choices, career options, internships as well as job placements.

o Finally, get out there and try things for yourself before making a final decision. Sit in on some lectures, pursue internships and jobs that interest you for more hands-on experience and keep talking to people who have already made the same choice that you are planning to.

Choosing Majors in nursing, engineering or even accounting will train you in a specific trade or for a specific career only. Apart from these, Major Degree Programs in other fields will also prepare you for a wider range of jobs after you graduate. So, keep in mind that for a lot of students, picking a major does not always imply choosing a career. Choosing your major is not a decision that can be made overnight. You need to research all your options and keep an open mind and you will soon be well on your path to success.

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