Choosing Small Business Telephone Systems For Your School, College Or University

Small business telephone systems are key to keeping your school, college or University running smoothly. You need to have a system that is reliable so that you can be contacted whenever a parent or colleague needs to get in touch and vice versa. And the good news is that getting the business telephone solution for your education establishment that is efficient and cost-effective need not be a time-consuming exercise.

When considering small business phone systems as a solution for your school or other education establishment needs, there are many factors to consider – the cost obviously being a major consideration.

The costs associated with the system

Getting the most suitable small business telephone system for your facility while keeping to an already tight budget will no doubt be a concern for you.

There are many business telephone solutions, so it does make sense to check out both the differences in features and costs for the different types, as they may vary a great deal. Telephone systems supplier costs can also differ quite substantially too.

Take advantage of expert help and knowledge and get a telecoms company to explain the options available to you. For example, you may find that a simple single line solution is ideal for your school, depending on the size. Or you may not need a telecoms system that comes with the latest technology. There may be ways to cut costs and so you may save some money and a reputable telecommunications company will tell you of these.

Of course, while there is nothing you are able to do to avoid paying out for a telephony system, at least you may be able to keep the costs down by asking the following questions of any prospective telephone system provider:

· are the existing handsets and other parts of the telephony system in your facility compatible with the new system you are considering, or will you have to replace all or part of your existing business telephone equipment?

· what does the quote include? Will you have to pay out for extras on top of the quote (eg start up fees);

· what happens in the future if you wish to upgrade the system, is your chosen system scalable? If so, will it be expensive to upgrade?

· what are the telephone systems maintenance charges? Is there a monthly fee for servicing?

· if renting the system, what does the contract entail? Check the duration of the contract, it is no good signing and then finding out 2 years later when you wish to change systems that you are locked into the contract for 5 years.

These questions will give you a good idea of what to expect from your school telephone system as well as any costs.

Finally, other factors you may wish to bear in mind when checking out telephone systems include the company themselves, their experience and their reputation. Word of mouth from other schools and colleges etc is always a good advertisement and may be helpful when choosing a system.

Source by Lisa Settle

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