Cold Calling and Sales Success: What’s the Secret?

Cold calling and prospecting… the foundation of sales success

If you could point to one single aspect of selling, that is directly responsible for 90%+ of your sales success, what would it be?

Cold calling, of course!

But what if you found out that cold calling, as the foundation (and disgust) of the sales profession, might actually be less important than you previously thought.

Tom Hopkins put it the best in his classic book, “Master the art of selling.” He stated the secret of all success in the selling field boils down to one simple rule…

Talk to 20 people a day!

That’s it, that’s the big secret.

When you’re just starting a sales career or are currently in a sales “dry spell,” this means you’re going to be dialing for dollars to have those 20 conversations. But, let’s be clear here, cold calling should be your last resort, guerrilla warfare technique for stirring up new business. In fact, if you’ve been selling your current product or service for more than 6 months and you’re still cold calling… you’re doing something wrong. Cold calling should just be used when you don’t have 20 people to talk to everyday.

“Well if cold calling is the last resort… where should my 20 conversations come from?”

The best, and I mean absolutely best source of people to talk to are always going to be referrals. These prospects come to you pre-sold and ready to do business. And if you’ve been in business for a while, AND have been servicing your customers with 110% value, you’ll steadily be building up your flow of referral business.

But what if your new and don’t have enough referrals to talk to?

Then you concentrate your efforts on the second best source of people to talk to… hot leads.

As soon as you possibly can, setup an effective lead generation marketing system. Create a free information packet about the most commonly asked questions about your product/service and offer to send this information to your prospect in exchange for their contact information. Advertise this offer everywhere your prospect might be… trade journals, newspaper, fliers, internet, radio, TV, etc. When they contact you, collect their information and send them your free information. Then contact them and make sure they received the information, and at that point you can begin your sales method.

To break down the secret of sales success, think of it as a big funnel.

Step 1. Cold call to have 20 conversations daily and start running your lead generation advertising.

Step 2. Call on your leads and keep cold calling to make your 20 conversation goal. Use the cold calls to fill the gap until you have 20 leads to talk to everyday.

Step 3. Once you have at least 20 leads a day to call on, keep focusing on the best customer service you can deliver to create a 99% referral based business, then you can tone down on the advertising.

And there you have it, the secret of sales success in three easy steps.

If you follow these steps, and use a decent sales method, it’s virtually impossible for you not to break all your sales records and have massive financial success.

Remember cold call only until you have enough people to talk to everyday through the other sources.

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