Commercial Agents Territory Dominance – Accountability Rules

When it comes to commercial real estate, ‘accountability’ is a very big word in more ways than one. It requires total understanding and complete respect if you want to be successful. Here is why.

Without accountability you cannot succeed in the industry; your life, commissions, and listings then become a factor of luck.

Accountability is something that is just so special to the unique tasks and activities of the salesperson. You could and should build your diary and tasks around the word ‘accountable’. Unfortunately most salespeople in the industry do not do this. That is a remarkable opportunity for those that take it.

There is a ratio here that has some consistently scary numbers:

  • 95% of salespeople are an exercise in random action and are usually nowhere near being in consistent control. Commissions and listings are like a ‘Fairground Rollercoaster’. 4 or 5 times a year they struggle with income and deals; at the end of the year they want to get off the ‘rollercoaster’ for a holiday that is hard to afford but they still really need.
  • 5% of salespeople really do know what they are doing to build their business and will take the right action each and every day to get there. Commissions and listings in this case are like a 5 lane freeway and the car taking them there is a Ferrari. Holidays taken in this case are a real reward for hard earned effort and are enjoyed every year on a stress free basis.

So who will make the most of their career? The 5% will rise to the top of the industry faster than anyone else and they will dominate the market. The good thing is that most of the competition will not reach that level; they will remain in the 95%.

If you want to be in the 5% you had better get yourself under control; you must be accountable to yourself. Excuses are of no value; action is.

The right way to be accountable is simply this:

  • Consistently find more prospects in your territory so you can pitch for a meeting.
  • Get in front of property owners so they know who you are and how relevant you are for them in the future.
  • Get in front of business owners so they know you as the person to resolve property pain when and if the time comes.
  • Keep in contact with the right people using a database that you know is accurate and up to date.
  • Have a great listing presentation that converts listings better than the competition agents.
  • Be a great marketer of yourself, your office, your listings, and your knowledge.
  • Market your listings to specific targets (not just leave them on the books hoping for enquiry)
  • Exclusive list so you have control of your stock for 90 or 120 days and then really work that stock for a successful outcome.
  • Improve your pitch so it is not desperate and demanding, but confident and connecting.
  • Negotiate well, so logic and confidence flow from your market knowledge
  • Build constant local market knowledge so you can convert more presentations
  • Follow through on all deals, listings, meetings, opportunities, inspections, documentation, and clients

What are your weaknesses? Identify them and work on them. Be accountable.

You can do this. You have the key to the door of success. When you are under control you can be at the top of your game. In any market, these factors will get you through to the levels of a top achiever. Which ones are you not doing?

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