Commercial Property Agents – Building Better Relationships With Clients in This Market

When it comes to the sale and lease of commercial property today, there are many reasons to stay close to the clients that you act for. The most significant reason is that other agents will be chasing your client just as much as you are. Let’s face the facts of this market, there are limited buyers and sellers that can act successfully and effectively when it comes to selling, renting, and purchasing at this time.

So now is the right time to build better relationships with your current clients and new clients that you are networking. The commercial real estate business is built around contacts and opportunities. The more people you know, the more opportunity you can find. Some clients will stay with you for years if you provide them with the right leads and opportunities. That is why regular networking is such an important part of our business.

Given the advantages of technology today, it is very easy for us to maintain contact with our clients and prospects. Here are some ideas to help you build better relationships with your clients:

  1. Identify the types of property activity that the client prefers. This situation would change regularly, and on that basis you should be talking to the clients at least monthly. Some clients are eagerly awaiting the ideal property to come on to the market. It is since the start of slower market conditions like these that you will see good properties come into the sale process at reduced prices. If your client can act as a purchaser in this slower property market, then go out there and find the properties for them as an off market deal.
  2. Email marketing is an effective way to keep in touch with your clients and in providing details of recent listings and opportunities. This then says that your database should be up to date and reflect all the e-mail contacts of your clients and prospects. If a database is not kept up to date, it will soon become a liability and an embarrassment.
  3. Many agents will say that the days of the ‘long lunch’ are well gone and rightfully so. There is however the opportunity to have regular coffee meetings at cafes with all your clients and prospects. The old fashioned face to face meeting and personal contact process will never be replaced as the best method of personal marketing.
  4. Mobile phone technology allows us to keep in contact with people at any time and in any location. Whilst this is a great opportunity, it can be a great hindrance or an irritation to our clients. Respect the use of your mobile phone and consider the right times to make the contact calls. Always keep a database on your mobile phone of the contact details for all your clients and prospects. SMS updates are quite common to keep your client appraised of any activity on their property or any property in which they are interested.

When the property market gets slower or tougher, we always come back to one thing and that is the number of people that we know as professional agents. Your relevance to the marketplace is today more important than ever before. It is the knowledge, the experience, and the market domination that people require. Ensure that these three factors are built into your personal marketing processes; the clients will then find you.

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