Common Problems Affecting the Eco System!

– Endangered species

– Excessive use of fossil fuels led to its depletion

– Excessive use of fossil fuels led to increase in temperature

– Global warming brought about varied climatic patterns – If ignored may lead to melting down of glacier and its consequences.

Rises in temperature and varied climatic conditions are due to the global warming. This has not only depleted the fossil fuels but has also added up to the rising temperature. Can we find a solution to avoid the usage of precious fossil fuels? Can we find a solution to the upheaval of the eco system? Yes, all of these above problems which we are confronting are inter-related. Targeting at one problem will help resolve the rest. We need young leaders to take initiative and make their opinions known to the world.

Our planet’s eco system is finding it hard to adjust naturally. Deforestation has affected the natural habitat of our planet’s species and has endangered them. Recent research shows that if this continues the world would come to an end. As the temperature starts increasing, glacier will start melting down due to heat. Find an end to these changing weather patterns!

There is a need to gather international response with the attempt to undermine the climate change and its related concerns. Yes, we can resolve the problems by raising our opinion towards the threat to species, over usage of fossil fuels and its depletion, increase in temperature, glaciers melting down etc. There is nothing impossible in this world, young leaders can make a difference to this world and media has to support their cause.

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