Components of Total Student Development Programme

The ultimate aim of education is to attain perfection. The educational institutes in various countries have been conducting training sessions to the students for the attainment of the goals of education. The total student development programme is one of them.

The above programme includes several components such as, creativity, values inculcation programme, leadership for life, knowledge of the world, and public speaking skills.

The time tables are adjusted in such a way that the above said components are taught to the students by highly experienced teaching faculty regularly. Exercises on each of the components would be done by the students on every working day. The duration of each exercise should be a minimum of forty five minutes.

The supervising teachers need to correct the exercises and the feed back would be given to the students. The total student development programme should be done with the help of specially compiled note books. The standard of these books is variable depending on the age group of the students.

For instance, the exercise books on creativity would include several types of creative works to be done by the students. Similar is the case with value inculcation programme. The exercises are designed in such a way that the children would learn the importance of values in their lives. Discipline, dignity, faithfulness, punctuality, sincerity, truthfulness, etc are some of the most important values included in value education programme. Honesty, respecting others, etc are also included in the above programme.

The importance of leadership qualities are taught in leadership for life component. These qualities include, a great imagination, a steel frame mind, a positive attitude, a dogged persistence, a great sense of values, a positive attitude, etc. The children would also do some written and oral exercises on the life stories of the prominent leaders of the world in the class room.

The goal of the knowledge of the world programme is to improve the awareness among the children about the world and the universe. The knowledge levels would be enhanced gradually.

The total student development programme needs to be conducted professionally with the help of highly skilled teachers. The students too need to participate in this programme with dedication and enthusiasm.

To avoid imbalances in the development of the children, the exercise books on total student development programme should be carefully and ideally prepared. The authors of such books should be from the highly reputed educational institutions.

Source by Tirumala Prasad

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