Concentrate On Effort

Concentrate on effort. All of life is energy and information. Seeds of awareness are in constant growth. “Where one attention goes – energy flows.” I am sure you have heard this many times. It is true. Life comes through you and not from you. Life is the greatest gift a person can receive upon this earth.

One way you can notice if life is moving through you; instead of, life as moving from you is to pay attention. When life is coming from you, you are using a lot of personal effort to achieve a task. When life is moving through you, you are embracing and acknowledging the need for and dependence on your Creator’s strength to sustain you each day and each moment of your life.

Let’s just say you are on earth to fulfill a mission, a purpose, or a reason for being. As you act out this intention and desire to full your reason for being on earth, your mind is clear and your body is filled with joy, energy, and contentment. As you get feedback from others who are the recipients of your purpose on earth, what returns to you is the gratitude for being the person this experience is transferred through. Your highest joy is not the praise or the servant being willing to serve another. The real joy is in knowing you were chosen for the spirit of one’s Creator to flow through you and create in you a clean heart where purity exists. It is our way of knowing ourselves as God knows us. It is a deep connection with God in that moment. This level of effort is simply your faith, your trust, your willingness to integrate yourself into the fabric of God’s flowing moving through your being. This level of connectedness is the effortless effort of being present as you become a vessel for God’s hands, feet, mind, and body to work through in accomplishing God’s will for your life and the lives of others.

Hospice patients clearly understand effort and the need to let God, those God works through, or one’s Higher Power bring to them their sustenance each day. When you were a child, life was effortless. You needed someone to take care of your needs, so you could live and grow into independence. When we die, we need help as well. We need help in letting go of personal effort and allowing God to fill us with faith. When we let go of personal effort, God/Our Creator can fill us up with spirit and the realization that we do nothing alone. Then, the resources that are available to us move to our aid to help us with our transition from being born into this world, and to, the birth that takes us into eternity.

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