Considering Satellite TV For College Or University Dorms? Get the Facts

Today’s Universities are just as much of a business as any other stock-traded business on Wall Street. They need to make a profit in order to run operations on a daily basis, pay salaries, recruit the best professors, develop the highest reputation possible in the realm of research and publication, and they must have fully populated dorm rooms at all times.

In order to attract Freshmen and Sophomore students to live on campus, the dorm rooms need to offer more than a desk and a bed. Satellite TV can be a big incentive when a student is deciding whether or not to choose on-campus housing or off-campus housing. The cost of tuition, books, meal plans and housing have sky rocketed over the past decade and parents are looking to cut corners where ever they can.

When students and parents see that satellite TV and internet service are included in the housing fees they are more apt to inspect the campus facilities in person, instead of automatically going apartment hunting. If a student’s choice is to live on campus without having to work, or live off campus and get a job to pay for incidentals like cable TV, internet and entertainment…the choice is clear. Most students will choose the campus life and keep their free time free.

With such a service included in the package of college dormitories, the preference of campus life increases. Entertainment costs for students are cut with so many channels to choose from; premium movie channels, music video channels, networks devoted to every sort of hobby, celebrity entertainment channels, and of course, the educational and news channels.

Satellite TV can increase the desire for students to choose campus life because the comforts of home are found in the dorm room. The bottom line is: television service in the dorm rooms benefits colleges and Universities, as it does any other business.

Source by Whitney Alen

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