Create A Shining Hotel Career With Hotel Management Schools

You have a passion for hotels and how they run. From reservations to catering, you enjoy observing the intricacies of hotel management. After all, you find all the details about what goes into the inner workings of a hotel so fascinating. Even better, you want to make the operations of a hotel, motel or resort as efficient as possible. And you know you have what it takes. Now the only thing you need is the right training to earn some credibility in the hospitality industry.

Learning About Hospitality and Then Some

If hotel management is your passion, many programs are available and designed to prepare you for management positions in the hospitality industry. At the Boston Univeristy School of Hospitality Administration, for instance, students are taught about hospitality in conjunction with a variety of liberal arts and management courses. This way, they will be able to hone in on their hospitality strengths, while developing a well-rounded educational background that will prepare them for multiple challenges you might face as a career professional.

“Critical thinking, clear expression and problem-solving are all essential skills for success in the business world,” explains James T. Stamas, school dean.

Beyond the classroom, students in this program can also accumulate credit hours out in the field experiencing the career hands-on. From internships aborad in London, Paris, Sydney and other international cities to working right in Boston and throughout the United States, students can become familiar with what they’ll see once they’re out of school.

Hospitality School Perks

Aside from learning the tricks of the hospitality trade at hospitality management schools, students can also take advantage of the field’s many perks. For instance, students at the Boston University School of Hospitality Management formed the Diner’s Club. Membership enables students interested in exploring local restaurants to get a first-hand look at what it takes to establish a winning eatery. After a tour, they hold informal discussions with restaurant owners and managers about their meals. “This gives valuable insight into the operations of a successful restaurant,” Stamas points out.

Now with all the learning and perks glory, you’re probably even more stoked about attending hotel management schools. Who wouldn’t be? You can turn your passion for the hospitality industry into a career — and learn a great deal of skills as well as sample food and experience fine dining in the process.

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