Create the Magic of White Gold and Diamonds!

Women long to possess jewels they can call their own creations. Today no longer designer creations are accepted as the set standard in jewelry line. Some women are known to have their own designs crafted and are also willing to pay a premium for the making charges. White gold diamond jewelry comes with customized requests. Who says, women do not have the time to fashion their own jewels. Using the most easily available and optimum combinations white gold diamond jewelry has thrown up several choices. While the glitter of gold is undeniable so is the lure of the diamonds.

The combination is perfect to make fabulous accessories especially for weddings and anniversaries. While gold and diamond in their pure state have a different value, once they are combined they have another identity altogether. And when the luminescence of the yellow metal is whitened it brings on another effect altogether.

White gold is generally a combination of alloy of gold and one white metal namely nickel, titanium platinum or palladium. This is why the glitter of gold is reduced to make it look different. While 24 carat gold is soft it is paid stronger with the help of nickel. This strength makes it easier to include gemstones like diamonds, emeralds or rubies or another precious or semi-precious stones. Many women have used gold in its pure state which is delicate. Since most women and men like to have strong solid jewelry, the gold needs to be blended. Otherwise how would we get pins and rings that symbolize the very bond of love and sense of fashion? When gold is blended with palladium one can get softer jewelry. It is an ideally setting for gem stones too.

When gold is mixed with platinum it provides durability and solid weight to the accessory. When white gold is made it gets a shine from a coat of rhodium on it. It tends to give it a subtle silvery feel. Maximum of the custom made white gold diamond jewelry rings used for engagements, weddings and anniversaries have this metallic combo. Since diamond is the most popular gem stone coveted by women and now by men, it is a beautiful sight to see solitaires set in white gold jewelry stores. With the combined strength of the metals it is easier to engrave names and different motifs on the sets. The latest fad is to use white gold diamond jewelry based on sun signs.

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