Creating Empowering States by Collapsing Negative Anchors

In neuro-linguistic programming, we believe that there is a strategy for practically anything. Raw talent is nothing more than skill multiplied by action and experience. Most people therefore, don’t know that confidence and even empowerment is a skill that can be developed.

A strategy I have frequently used to keep my energies up is something called the Circle Of Excellence. The process is quite simple, and can be used by everyone.

Step 1: Identify the problem state you are in.

If you find that you are lethargic or negative in a particular environment, imagine that in your mind. You should be able to understand what the problem is, then clear your mind.

Step 2: Identify emotional states and resources you need to overcome this problem easily.

To overcome an obstacle, you will need emotional resources. Some of them might include perseverance. But, you may also need other inner resources by learning a new skill. Think, too, about the beliefs you might have that can support your inner resources (beliefs are a resource too, by the way).

Step 3: Play out the resources to their fullest and test these stacked anchors in your problem situation.

Does the emotion turn out to feel different? How are you responding differently as you look at the problem situation with the resources within you? If you find that you are performing in a much more resourceful manner, you’ve got it. Essentially, it’s all about being able to put yourself in a state that enables you rather than disables you. If you find that the resources are insufficient, then there must be other inner resources you can find to help you out… or else you wouldn’t even recognize the problem! Go back to step 2.

Step 4: Future pace your problem situation and bring those resources with you into that unspecified future time to check your response to it at a later date.

If you find that you are able to handle the situation even in a future time, it’s likely that your unconscious is able to help you manage from there. If you can’t, simply consider what other resource you need (and it might mean also having the resource of insight or creativity to see you through the problem).

Essentially, emotional states drive us and can either disable us or enable us. The question is whether we know the best ways to create empowering states for the purposes of our own day-to-day productivity.


In your workplace environment, imbue the resources you think of into objects you touch to get your work done. It may be a pen you use, a computer keyboard you type on, a stage you have to speak on, a coat you put on… the possibilities are endless. Allow the emotions to flow into your veins whenever you use these objects and items and watch magic happen!

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