Creativity Killers – Are You Addicted to Toxic Thinking?

How healthy would you say your thinking in is the areas of creativity? How effectively do your patterns of thinking support you in being as creative as you can be?

All of us have negative thoughts to different degrees.

When negative thoughts are effecting how creative you allow yourself to be – and even worse, when they’re limiting you without you really even realising – it time to ask yourself whether you’re addicted to Toxic Thinking.

Toxic Thinking is when you constantly sabotage yourself with negative thoughts and ideas.

A large part of this is obvious, and comes in the form of direct negative put downs.

How many of these kind of thoughts are ones you’ve heard yourself saying in your mind?

Who told you you had any creative talent anyway?

Don’t you think it’s selfish spending so much time creating just for you when there’s so much else that needs doing?

When are you going to give up these silly hobbies, they’ll never earn you any money?

Why do you even start creative projects when you know they’re likely to end unfinished and in the back of a cupboard like all the others?

What makes you think anyone will ever enjoy anything YOU create?

Ouch. Painful as they sound, it’s important to acknowledge these thoughts if they sound familiar to you.

Other kind of thoughts are more devious. They’re not directly attacking you and your capabilities like those above, but instead they gently draw you away from creating in other ways.

Maybe you’d feel more creative if you made a quick snack first?

You’d create more easily once you’ve rearranged your wardrobe, it’s got really untidy.

Are you sure you have all the right equipment here? Shouldn’t you go out and buy a few dozen more colours and a wider selection of materials, just in case?

Devious, aren’t they?

What these kid of thoughts all have in common is they cause you to avoid creating in some way, and convince you that something else is far more important than getting started and creating right now.

So those are examples of two different levels of Toxic Thoughts. Which do you recognise?

The next question is why on earth do we get addicted to them, if they’re so toxic and destructive? The answer can always be boiled down to subtly different versions of the same thing: To avoid pain, failure, disappointment. To keep you safe, protected and within known boundaries.

It’s an understandable and powerful motive.

So is there any way to overcome Toxic Thinking? Is there any hope, or are you destined to remain frustratingly uncreative for the rest of your days?

The answer is to connect with the reasons why you create in the first place. What does creating give you that nothing else in the world can? Learn to listen again to that voice inside you that yearns to create, and hear what, how and why it longs to create.

Once you start to get back in touch with these indestructible creative forces within you, the Toxic Thinking will start to seem a lot less appealing.

Taking the time to reconnect in this way, combined with simply being aware of when Toxic Thinking appears and nipping it in the bud before it develops into anything too destructive, will ensure that it gradually lessens its hold.

Isn’t it time to let go of some of the Toxic Thinking that’s running riot in YOUR mind?

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