Creativity – The Rewards of Living Outside the Box

Are you one of those people who claims that you are “just not that creative?” Or perhaps you have moments of inspiration, but they are not as often as you wish. Creative people are the ones who seem to have the most fun, since they are able to take a fresh approach that makes things more interesting for themselves and the people they influence. Creativity helps us solve problems and adds zest to our lives. To cultivate your creativity, you need to nurture and develop your interests and try new things to round out your experiences.

Sitting down at your desk, staring at the wall, trying to come up with a unique idea, you are instead likely to find yourself uninspired. Creative people are ones who approach things differently because they make opportunities to develop their spirit of creativity in varied ways. Creativity flows from passion. If you are enamored of the outdoors, spend time outside and doing an activity you thoroughly enjoy, whether it be sketching, gardening, fishing, golfing or something else. Whatever you are inclined to do for expression and recreation will foster your overall creativity.

You can also begin to explore experiences that are novel to you to get outside of your routine. Engage your mind in a variety of activities and reflect on them. Writing, journaling, music, travel, dance…anything that offers quality input or opportunities for expression will result in fresh ideas and revelations. While you are doing what you enjoy you may find the inspiration for something else. Or perhaps more ideas will come to you later once you are refreshed and invigorated. The deeper and more varied your experiences are, the more likely you are to be able to take a creative approach to problem solving or generating ideas.

So you don’t have to keep racking your brain to come up with something brilliant or unconventional. Simply start doing the activities you enjoy most. Or decide to try learning something new that interests you. Take your individual uniqueness into account to release your greatest creative potential. Creativity is part of the joy of living; to tap into yours by allowing yourself the time and the freedom to do what captures your interest and sparks your imagination. We live in a busy and distracted world where it is difficult to find a quiet moment to think, much less develop ourselves into a modern day Michelangelo. Yet by pursuing pastimes that energize you, your potential for artistry and creativity can experience a renaissance that will impact all areas of your life, personal and professional.

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