Creativity – Why It’s For Everyone, Not Just For Artists

What do you picture when you think of someone highly creative?

Do you think of a musician onstage in the throes of performance? A painter with her dancing brush bringing life to a blank canvas? A photographer with sophisticated and expensive equipment capturing perfect landscape shots?

Most of us equate being creative with those in the classic and traditional arts. Like the musician, the painter, the photographer, and so on. Yes of course these are all creative careers. But what we then do is allow our thinking to discount all other kinds of creativity.

We convince ourselves that unless we ourselves take part in one of these classic creative pursuits – and unless we’re hugely talented in them – then we can’t possibly consider ourselves as a creative person.

The fact is, these artistic careers are only a tiny proportion of what we can consider to be creative.

What about the young mother who entertains her three children all day, prepares a different delicious meal every night and balances her partner’s business accounts?

Or the local gardener that takes neglected weed riddled gardens and turns them into glorious multi sensory environments?

Or the internet entrepreneur who has websites, products and courses in 7 different specialised areas, and is about to launch their 8th, 9th and 10th ventures?

Creativity is not an expensive suit than only a chosen few are allowed to wear.

Creativity is everyone’s right and can be everyone’s daily uniform. How you choose to explore and express your creativity is completely up to you. But it begins with recognising that you are creative in many different ways, and many times each day.

Creativity is a way of thinking, seeing, being, doing. It’s not a title on your business card. It’s so much deeper, more expansive and more encompassing than that. It’s in your blood, your breath, your DNA.

Choose to acknowledge your creativity from this point on.

Simply saying “I am creative and I choose to create” many times over will shift your thinking drastically. Following that thinking up with the actions to match will ensure you’re a creative artist – in your own unique way – for the rest of your life.

Creativity is for all of us, welcome to the party! And yes, that includes YOU!

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