Critical Thinking Towards Time Management

Wouldn’t it be great if we could all have a credit card that we could use towards the purchase of a few or how about several more hours in our day? If there were a place in existence we would all be hanging out in that line. I always make a joke, if only I could clone myself, “get real, right?” There are 2 resources to spend in this world and that is time and money. Money buys us time and time buys us money. Every single human being is given the exact amount of hours in a day. 24 hours, not 1 hour more or less. This makes it critical that we budget our time very well. I am learning so much by studying experts who have mastered time management and have discovered that Professional Network Marketers apply critical thinking towards their time and every activity they do. After all, “time” is truly our most valuable asset!

Becoming a critical thinker toward “time” can be fun and truly interesting. You end up learning a lot about yourself in this process of reaching into the details of your life. This is healthy and helps us to dig deep into the truth of what is bringing fruit into our life and what is stealing from our divine purpose. My friend and mentor taught me to journal the specific details of my day. She recommended a simple composition notebook as a great way of tracking all your activity throughout your day. Every detail is significant to the record. It is important to list every activity you engage in, with the the exact time you spent accomplishing that particular task. This will make us aware of how long we are taking to achieve our goal. Later we can review what we are spending our time on, tracking exactly where our time is being spent. This was a Huge eye opener for me. This is a valuable practice for tax purposes, just in case of an audit. As we continue to grow we will apply critical thinking toward every area of our life. Where am I spending my time? Is the majority of my time spent on income producing activities? If not it is time to do a Plan, Do, Review and Adjust.

There are 2 types of people in the world, those who are critical thinkers’ when it comes to their “time” and those who blow easy with the wind, we will call them “Joe Blow”. The critical thinker will apply a critical mind to all the details in life and business. For example when sending emails, the critical thinker will email a fellow associate to set a coaching call. In the email, the subject will say “Coaching Call Request.” This will immediately set me into the leader’s hi priority list. The critical thinker will offer 3 different times that they will be available (respecting that leader’s extremely busy schedule) so that there are choices available. On the other hand, Joe Blow will write an email that is a paragraph long without the proper choices so there will be time lost in having to ask for further details or clarification. If I lost 3 minutes for every email I sent, this time could add up to be mass amounts of hours lost and wasted over a year period of time. That’s lost time with your husband, your children, your grand-children and the people you love the most. We can’t get one single moment back so being a critical thinker towards “time” is essential for every Professional Networker.

A valuable tip I can give you is to go through your emails and sort out any and all emails that do not serve your purpose and plan. Clean house daily and don’t allow clutter to take up space, if it doesn’t bear fruit don’t even let it enter in. First go through and delete everything that is time wasting. This will bring your 150 new, daily emails down to 13 emails of importance real fast. Give all your emphasis toward the material that mean the most to you now and that are primarily related to generating-money activities. When you do decide to go through and open your emails, make sure you allocate enough time, we know Joe Blow is always rushed!

Timers work great when I use them. My stove timer is always effective, its loud and aggravating, works great! I have found that putting reminders in my cell phone is another great way to stay plugged in and focused. No matter where we are, we almost always are near a cell phone. It helps to have a clock right in front of you, a big clock! I use Microsoft Outlook, it works very well for me and I love the dinging reminders. I have many friends who use Google Calendar, check them all out and pick what is best for you.

Always make sure to have a list of all your upline leaders and team leaders in a visible location near your work area. Its good to pay attention to the routines of those you are working with. If you know “Bob” is conducting a conference call at 3 PM Eastern you would never even consider asking if Bob would be available for a 3-way during that time frame. If there are conference call numbers that you need, have them printed and near you as well. This will save you 3 minutes here, 7 minutes there taking time to look up phone numbers and other needed information. If you are building business world-wide, its very helpful to have a special location where you have ALL the country code numbers easily accessible.

Time management is key in living a successful life. It allows us the ability to live out our dreams and our burning desires. It opens up a lifestyle of choices and the ability to enjoy, endure and take care of whats been given to us.

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